Covid-19: Harlow climbs to highest place in table

News / Thu 31st Dec 2020 at 05:47pm

THE NUMBER of cases in Harlow has increased to its highest number yet.

Figures released on Thursday show a rate of 1016.5 cases per 100,000.

Wednesday: 939.5 cases per 100,000.

Tuesday: 1013.0 cases per 100,000

Monday: 987.7 cases per 100,000.

Sunday’s: 976.3 cases per 100,000.

This is an increase of 31.5% compared to seven days previously (Dec 19th)

The previous increases were 54.2%. Monday’s was 67.3%. Sunday was 103.9%

We are reluctant to give false hope or lull people into a false sense but these figures are worth watching. 

The number of cases isn’t running away at an incredible rate but it is a question of whether our health structure can handle it.

Remember, these figures relate to December 26th and not today (December 31st).

This places Harlow in 12th out of 315 local authorities. 

There have been 885 cases.

YH understands there are 161 Covid in-patients, including 13 on ventilators.

There are 78 outstanding test results.

Reference point


Plus Twitter account @RP131


Dec 16th: 581.2

Dec 17th: 657.0

Dec 18th: 736.0

Dec 19th: 771.8

Dec 20th: 833.8

Dec 21st: 933.8

Dec 22nd: 976.3

Dec 23rd: 987.7

Dec 24th: 1013.0

Dec 25th: 939.5

Dec 26th: 1016.5

On November 19th it was 251st out of 315 local authorities. Then the rate started to rise and it climbed up the chart. By November 30th, it was in 53rd place. This is its highest position.

The infection rate tells a similar story. Back on September 30th it was 29.9. October 16th: 68.9. November 8th: 118.3. November 22nd it was 206.7. December 2nd it was 221.7.

For further reference, may we signpost is channel which has, to date, over 800 Covid-related news items on channel since March. Go to our Covid-19 report on December 12th for a fuller explanation of the statistics.


Look at the percentage increase of the areas close to Harlow.

Other areas

Brentwood: 1st:: 1310.0

Epping Forest: 2nd: 1277.3

Thurrock: 3rd: 1202.2

Havering : 4th: 1095.3

Southend: 7th: 1114.5

Broxbourne: 6th: 1043.4

Basildon: 9th: 970.6

Chelmsford: 24th: 802.2

Braintree: 30th: 778.5

Local Authorities

England local authorities by highest number of COVID-19 positives per 100k population.

Seven–day rolling rate by specimen date – ending Dec 26th

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