Letter to Editor: Harlow Council leader “Hope for the future but stay safe”

News / Thu 31st Dec 2020 at 09:50am

Dear Sir,

NEWS of a major incident being declared in hospitals in Essex with ambulances queuing for hours, a shortage of beds and patients possibly being transferred as far as Yorkshire to get admitted must be a worry for Harlow’s residents, but there is some good news today.

The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority and is due to be rolled out on Monday.

This vaccine has a huge advantage over the Pfizer vaccine, it is easily transported and easily stored, needing only normal refrigeration at 2-8C, and with 4 million doses due to be made available in days, it offers real hope of restoring normality by the spring.

However it will take time to get this “antidote to lockdowns” into enough arms to stop the spread of the virus and that is where Harlow residents can help.

At risk of sounding like a stuck record, please take care and stay safe, the next month is critical in staying healthy and saving lives. We are social animals that love to mix, but isolating yourself and your family from others as much as possible reduces the chance of infection being brought into your household. Wearing masks is a pain, but they do work in stopping the spread, and so I would ask that residents put up with the irritation and wear them whenever they have no choice but to be close to other people who are not a part of your household. And using hand sanitizer and washing hands regularly really does make a difference.

The new vaccine, if properly delivered, means we could now be entering the home straight, let’s support our hospital, our carers, our teachers and all other key workers by doing our bit to stop the spread, until enough of us have had the vaccine.

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