Planning application for three dwellings on Kingsdon Lane set to go before planning committee

News / Wed 6th Jan 2021 at 07:42am

A PLANNING application for three detached dwellings between Potter Street and Church Langley is set to go before the Harlow Council planning committee.

The application is for housing on Kingsdon Lane.

The application seeks outline permission for the subdivision of the existing plot and the erection of three detached dwellinghouses fronting Belfield Gardens. 

The proposed dwellings would be two-storey, three-bedroom properties of almost identical design and sitting at an angle to the highway. The drawings show the proposed dwellings to have a similar design to the neighbouring properties.

It has been recommended for approval by officers.

Summary of Representations Received

86 letters of objection have been received, including a representation submitted by the local ward councillor. The objection reasons are summarised as following:

  • –  Adverse impacts on the character and appearance of the local area
  • –  Overdevelopment
  • –  Unacceptable impacts on neighbour amenity, including overshadowing and loss oflight, overlooking and privacy issues
  • –  Loss of existing green space and landscaping, impacts on existing trees, and disturblocal wildlife
  • –  Two parking spaces per house would not be sufficient and worsen the existingon-street parking problem on Belfield Gardens
  • –  Some residents use the application site for parking. The proposed development wouldresult in loss of parking spaces on Belfield Gardens
  • –  Increased highway safety risk
  • –  Belfield Gardens is already a narrow road for larger vehicles, such as emergency,refuse collection and delivery vehicles
  • –  Questions on drainage and utility supply
  • –  Disruptions during site clearance and constructions
  • –  Lack of features to accommodate disabled residents
  • –  Financial benefit for the landowner and devalue other properties within the area
  • –  There are other three bedrooms properties within the area

It will be in front of the committee on Wednesday January 13th at 7.30pm on Harlow Council’s YouTube channel.

The full application can be found here


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