Letter to Editor: I have become increasingly alarmed at rate of people not obeying Hands Face Space

Health / Thu 7th Jan 2021 am31 08:27am

Dear Sir,

IT is unfortunate but not unexpected that we are now in lockdown again with the Covid-19 virus spreading at an alarming rate compared to March 2020.

A proportion of the increased spread can be laid at the virus, or its new strain’s door and of course it being winter when virus’s like this thrive, however a proportion of the responsibility for the situation we find ourselves in must be taken by us, the people, the residents of Harlow. 

Over the last few months, I have become increasingly alarmed at the rate of people not taking care or obeying the 3 simple rules Hands Face Space, the number of times I have seen parents on the primary school run standing outside with no social distancing, not a mask in sight its almost as though they think they are immune, it doesn’t really set a good example for their children does it?

I know that the schools have been playing their part in getting that message across, its just a shame that some parents think they know better. Before anyone comments I take my keyworker son to work and drive past a number of schools.

Daily I see, as I am sure many do, comment on social media as well as friends and family commenting about people refusing to wear a mask in supermarkets and shops. Now I know that there are some who have an invisible illness and some of those have a valid reason not to wear a mask, but there is the alternative option to wear a perspex face shield.

My point is that if you won’t wear a mask regardless of the reason then don’t go into shops you place yourself, shopworkers and other customers at risk, I am also hearing many stories about people with a family member infected at home but they are still out shopping when they should be self-isolating as well!

As a town we need to put aside this selfishness and entitled behaviour and instead think about the community we are part of and work together to save lives, protect the NHS and restore some normality to our lives.

Kind regards

Councillor Nick Churchill

Councillor for Sumners and Kingsmoor Ward

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