Gaming: Why Twitch has kept Ryan going for more than a Fortnite

By Ryan Jackson aka Jackoboxx

TWITCH is a streaming platform where people watch others. This is mainly watching people play games such as Call of Duty, Cyber Punk & Fortnite.

However, you can also use Twitch to stream different activities such as cooking classes, gym work outs, board games and many other things.

I have always played video games in my spare time. Usually FPS games (First person shooters). I started watching big time streamers on Twitch about 4 years ago, people like Ninja, NickMercs, Shroud and TeePee.

I always found it interesting in chatting & meeting new people in their streams so I thought to myself, why don’t you give it a go Ryan.

It gave me something to focus on and make something of my own. I have always enjoyed playing games but thought it would also be nice to see what others thought of my gaming.

Sometimes gaming can be a little repetitive but this way no two streams are the same you have different players coming in and making different conversations. 

You don’t need to be the most amazing player to stream on twitch you just have to enjoy what you play! 

I started streaming myself about 18months ago & quickly became an Affiliate on twitch.

An affiliate is where you have a certain amount of viewers and followers.

You can then make money from it by people subscribing to your channel to support you. This costs £5.99 a month. Another way people can subscribe is via Amazon. This is because its owned by Amazon, if you have Amazon prime, then you can get a free monthly subscription which you can use to give to your favourite streamer.

The streamer makes profit from it whilst the person who subscribes, it doesn’t cost them a penny. You also get advert free when you’re a subscriber. 

I decided to try and grow my channel I opened up different avenues of social media like twitter & Instagram. I have recently made a Facebook page for people to keep up to date with events, such as when I’ll be streaming & just for general conversation.

I have met a lot of cool people from twitch & my community is growing daily. More & more people come and watch me play video games & on a more regular basis.

With lockdown over the last 10months I believe platforms such as Twitch have really helped some people get through. Because more people have more time indoors and less to do, they can always log on from home without the worry of spreading anything but still have social interactions with others. It has brought more people together in my stream & helped people through the difficult times.

My overall goal is meet people & anyone is welcome in the stream.
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