Emma Willis returns with new series of Delivering Babies

Communities / Fri 5th Feb 2021 at 07:11am

EMMA WILLIS is back with a new series of Delivering Babies on W Channel, which will explore what it’s like to be pregnant and give birth during a global pandemic. 

Filmed during the first lockdown last year, the TV presenter and fully qualified Maternity Care Assistant gets in touch virtually with parents-to-be across the country whose birthing plans have been disrupted by Covid-19. 

Over the four-part special, Emma will get to know them online, before asking them to turn the camera on themselves and film the stress, the drama and the joy of bringing new life into the world in the midst of a pandemic. 

And once restrictions are eased, Emma travels to meet the families in person to find out how they’re getting on.

From elective caesareans to hypno-births, complicated theatre procedures to water births Emma Willis: Delivering Babies in 2020 takes the natural drama, intensity and emotion of childbirth and turns it into bold, intimate and heartfelt viewing.

The series previously showed Emma, who has three three children with husband Matt Willis, training for three months at Harlow’s Princess Alexandra Hospital in the busy maternity ward as a Maternity Care Assistant. 

She worked four shifts a week: day and night; alongside the midwifery team helping to deliver babies, and discovering first-hand what makes it one of the most challenging, but rewarding careers you can have. 

She previously told W Channel that making the series has made her broody, but she and Matt are very happy with their family of three children. 

“I think initially it does [make you broody], because you’re back and I remember the first time just thinking about the smells and how cute the babies were,” Emma explained. 

“And you do kind of think, because we’ve said three is enough, I’m never going to do this again and I look at the bubble the new parents are in, which is amazing.”

Emma Willis: Delivering Babies in 2020 will air on 15th February on the W Channel at 10pm.

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