Covid-19: Reality Check? Harlow jumps back up 23 places in infection table

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HARLOW has jumped back up 23 places in infection table.

On Monday it was 144th out of 315 local authorities however today it had gone back up to 121st.

This may go to show that the journey back to zero covid in Harlow may take some time.

There are now 134 cases in Harlow. An increase of four on the previous day.

This may just be a blip. Harlow went back up on Feb 7th to 186 after being 184 the previous day.

Todays figure relates to Feb 11th but reported on Feb 16th.

The infection rate has risen to 153.9 per 100,000.

If we can stress the positive, the number of in-patients at Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) has fallen very steadily.

YH understands that there are 53 Covid in-patients, including 6 on ventilators.

There are 180 outstanding test results.

Reference point


Plus Twitter account @RP131

If you are interested in flu rates etc then we can signpost you to the Twitter account of @jburnmurdoch who will in turn explain Public Health data.

Increase and Decrease

Dec 16th: 506

Dec 20th: 726

Dec 27th: 984

Dec 31st: 1123

Jan 4th: 1327

Jan 10th: 1078

Jan 13th: 810

Jan 16th: 717

Jan 20th: 594

Jan 25th: 402

Jan 30th: 284

Feb 5th: 199

Feb 8th: 158

On November 19th it was 251st out of 315 local authorities. Then the rate started to rise and it climbed up the chart. By November 30th, it was in 53rd place.

The infection rate tells a similar story. Back on September 30th it was 29.9. October 16th: 68.9. November 8th: 118.3. November 22nd it was 206.7. December 2nd it was 221.7.

For further reference, may we signpost is channel which has, to date, over 1000 Covid-related news items on channel since March. Go to our Covid-19 report on December 12th for a fuller explanation of the statistics.


You may want to compare other areas near to Harlow

Other areas

Broxbourne: 175th–121: Down 18

Havering : 150th–356: Down 17

Southend: 174th–316: Down 33

Braintree: 142-219: Up 6

Thurrock: 166-222: Up 9

Chelmsford: 211th-194: Down 6

Basildon: 261st-162: Down 12

Epping Forest: 259th-114: Down 26

Uttlesford: 260th-79: Down 4

Brentwood: 273-63: No change

East Herts-284-113: Up 6

Local Authorities

England local authorities by highest number of COVID-19 positives per 100k population.

Seven–day rolling rate by specimen date – ending Feb 11th

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