BMAT STEM Academy: Investors sought to give young people from deprived families opportunity to further their education.

BMAT STEM Academy / Sun 21st Feb 2021 at 10:55am

INVESTORS are being sought to give young people from deprived families in Harlow an opportunity to further their education.

BMAT STEM Academy, a business-focused school for students in Year 10 onwards, works to inspire young people to reach for their goals in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) industries.

While many are keen to go on to university, they feel unable to pursue the pathway due to a lack of finances.

In an effort to remove the financial barrier, BMAT STEM is launching its own bursary scheme.

Mikaela Pinnock, careers advisor, said: “I personally have had two sons at university, so I know how expensive it can be. Yes, students are given government loans, but that money can take some time to come through and does not cover everything, like setting them up in their own home.

“From my conversations with our students, I know the cost of going to university concerns them and can be a barrier to them applying to go.

“So, we felt it would be lovely to be able to set up a bursary to help disadvantaged students to be able to go.”

The bursary has been launched thanks to an investment from the Harlow Health Centres Trust.

Professor Gino Martini, chief scientist at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, is a board member for the organisation, which donates grants to those supporting healthcare, and has committed to contributing £2,000 to support two students who secure a place at university from BMAT STEM.

The school is now appealing for other investors to come forward and support their students.

Miss Pinnock said: “As a single mother myself, I know how tough it can be to take the pressure off your children while they are living by themselves at university. During the first term, they are trying to get used to managing their money and making sure they can afford to feed themselves. Some children do not have parents who can support them financially while at university.

“We see so many students who have the grades and are capable of going to university, but do not have the means. I am really passionate about trying to remove those barriers for them. We are working to make sure our students achieve everything they want to. It breaks my heart to think students want to go to university, but because of the financial situation at home, they feel they can’t.

“If anyone is interested in supporting us to get disadvantaged students to university, we would so welcome it.”

To express an interest in investing in the BMAT STEM Academy bursary scheme, email [email protected]

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