Daily Covid-19 Report: Number of cases in Harlow goes down to 75 ( and now no cases in Potter St and Church Langley)

Covid-19 / Tue 2nd Mar 2021 at 06:23pm

THIS is our daily Covid report for Harlow. This includes the figures for Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH). The table of 315 local authorities in England and the breakdown of cases for eleven areas of Harlow. Finally, we also have the weekly number of people vaccinated in Harlow.

Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH)

There has been two further deaths registered at PAH in Harlow.

The number of deaths is now 525.

There were 38 deaths in February.

That compares with 170 deaths in January.

There are 41 Covid in-patients.


Local Authority Table

The number of cases has gone down to 75..

That is a fall of five since yesterday.

This means there are 89.6 cases per 100,000. This is an 17.0% decrease from seven days ago.

That is the lowest rate since November 1st,, 2020.

This figure relates to Feb 25th and reported on March 2nd.

Harlow is 146th out of 315 local authorities.


Breakdown of figures for Harlow

THE INFECTION rate has gone down in three out of eleven areas of Harlow.

It went up in three and stayed the same in five.

There were 75 cases registered for February 25th and published on March 2nd.

The lowest areas are Church Langley with no cases at all plus, for the first time, Potter Street.

In early January, Church Langley peaked at 146 cases.

The highest area is Great Parndon and Katherines with 15..

As you may see from our tables below, we also include the council areas bordering Harlow. These include areas such as Sawbridgeworth, Sheering, Hatfield Heath, Roydon etc.

The areas are geographic clusters of 7,500 people. More associated with relationship with surgeries.

Reference: Twitter @RP131


February 25th

February 24th

East Hertfordshire

Epping Forest



Number of people vaccinated with at least one dose

WeekEnding: February 25th

Under 70: 12,267

Aged 70-74: 3,162

Aged 75-79: 2,294

Aged 80+ 3,529

Total: 21,252

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