Baking with a twist at Abbot Care Home in Harlow

General / Tue 16th Mar 2021 am31 11:37am

THE people living at Abbot Care Home were excited to try something new this week as they turned their old records into useable items.

Throughout the pandemic, there have been many creative activities shared online that people can do from home. One of the recent ones which the team at Abbot spotted was turning old, scratched or unwanted records into decorative bowls.

To do this, the activities team pre-set the oven and following a YouTube video, the team spread butter onto one side of the record and placed a circular piece of bread in the middle to cover the label. This was then placed on top of a glass bowl, so when it was put in the oven, it would melt to form the shape of a bowl. After doing a successful test, residents chose the records they wanted to use and had a go for themselves.

The results were brilliant! Once they were left to set, the bowls were placed on tables around the home.

After all that time in the kitchen, residents were in the mood to continue baking-themed activities into the afternoon. So, the team set up a cake icing activity for everyone to get involved with. They started by making the icing using icing sugar and a touch of baileys. Joyce who lives at Abbot said this was her favourite type of icing and making it at the care home brought back happy memories for her.

It was a wonderful day at Abbot and the team will continue to look out for online craft trends that they can try with the residents.

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