Harlow Rocks continue to leave no stone unturned

General / Thu 18th Mar 2021 at 11:36am

OVER at ‘Harlow Rocks’ the Facebook community has suddenly boomed with over 600 new members and a lot more activity during this lockdown!

It’s been a way to keep children entertained and been therapeutic to children and adults alike also promoting families to go out for exercise with the added excitement that they may find rocks!

The group started back in March, 2018 by Clive Bishop and his granddaughter Sophie with the intent of trying to encourage people to get out and about as well as a way to get young people away from screens. Little did he know that the group would expand to almost 1,900 members (also known as ‘rockers’)!

The group has gone from strength to strength and more admin were added to help with the growing popularity and to organise events. In the past, there has been rock drop events at the Town Park with the hope this will return after the current pandemic.

Instead, admin kept the ‘Young Rockers’ busy at half term running a competition with more planned in the future. Clive said, “We did not have any idea that this group would turn into such a large group! We have four admins for the group and they all have different roles in running the group. We could not run without the help of my wife, Claire as well as Karen Nunn and Catherine McCabe. It’s quite a full on battle stations sometimes especially when rock competitions are in progress!”

Rockers and finders are encouraged to follow current protocols from the government in rock dropping locally and ensuring rocks and hands are cleaned/sanitised to continue to keep us all safe.

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