Retrospective planning permission granted for Burnett Park home

General / Fri 19th Mar 2021 at 09:25am

A PLANNING application for retrospective planning permission for a property in Burnett Park in Harlow has been granted.

The matter was discussed at Harlow Council on Wednesday night.

The two-storey extension permitted under HW/HSE/20/00047 includes three first-floor windows on the rear elevation, which are for two bedrooms and the bathroom. The current application seeks retrospective permission to replace those windows by full height patio door-like openings including juliette balconies.

This application has an associated enforcement case for the breach of planning control, as works for the windows and juliette balconies have been carried out without a valid planning consent. This application regularised these works.

Three letters of objection from local residents were received. The reasons for objection can be summarised as follow:

  •   The patio door and juliette balconies result in a large opening which would allow the occupants to overlook into neighbours’ properties
  •   This is a breach of planning control and should not be allowedCouncillor Churchill has commented on the application. His comments are summarised as follow:
  •   The large opening of the patio doors on the first floor would create an unacceptable invasion of the neighbours’ privacy
  •   The applicant might covert the bathroom into a bedroom
  •   The applicant is trying a fait accompli and has disregarded the previous permission.The associated enforcement case should also be discussed in the Development Management Committee.

The matter can be followed from the 1hr 20 mins point of the film below.

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