Essex County Council dedicates £500,000 to fund new Safety Advisory Group

Communities / Fri 2nd Apr 2021 at 10:04am

ESSEX County Council is dedicating £500,000 to fund a new Safety Advisory Group which aims to explore the issue of public safety in Essex.

The group will look to talk to partners, residents and council officials to ensure everyone is working together to tackle safety concerns, in particular those of female residents, following the tragic death of Sarah Everard last month.

Essex is a safe county in which to live and work, however the County Council is keen to not only ensure the county remains safe, but that residents feel safe too.

The group, led by Essex County Council, will work with the police, women’s groups, support organisations, other partners and most importantly residents, to gain a better understanding of the real fears people have about safety and look at how these concerns could be addressed.

The group, which recently met for the first time, will explore topics from street safety, workforce safety and education. Residents will be invited to get involved and share their ideas and experiences.  

Essex County Council already works closely with the police and partner agencies in respect of public safety, however it is hoped that this group will further encourage public engagement and encourage a two way, meaningful conversation with residents about the issues and fears they have so that resources can be best allocated to where they are most needed.

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