Active Essex release four year report on progress

Lifestyle / Mon 5th Apr 2021 at 03:18pm

FOUR years ago, Active Essex launched an ambitious strategy to change one million lives, by tackling the issues around inactivity in Greater Essex. Covid-19 has given us all a huge wake up call, and physical activity has been, and remains, a key priority for Essex residents.

The Active Partnership for Greater Essex, Active Essex, has today launched a four-year Impact Report to showcase the outstanding achievements by the team and their many partners.

It reflects the breadth and depth of their programmes and highlights the impact they have had on the sport and physical activity sector in Greater Essex, to ensure residents have had the opportunities to remain active.

It is forecast that a record total of 988,287 adults, according to Public Health Data, in Greater Essex are now carrying out the recommended 150 minutes of exercise each week, as stated by the Chief Medical Officer.

In addition, 112,600 children and young people are also meeting the recommended 60 minutes of exercise per day.

This report can be viewed online here: www.activeesseximpact.org

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Active Essex has seen physical activity levels drop, but continue to remain committed to ensure physical activity remains one of the highest priorities for the health and wellbeing of all communities across the county.

Doctor Mike Gogarty, Director of Public Health for Essex County Council, said: “Physical activity has never been more important, and this has been reinforced by Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty many times during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The content shown in the Active Essex Impact Report, shows the impact that physical activity has had on the lives of residents here in Essex and provides extensive evidence as to why this needs to continue to be a priority.”

The Impact Report showcases stories and achievements from each of the 14 locality areas. Active Essex have worked hard to build relationships, support individuals and worked alongside groups, who have played a pivotal role in helping reduce inactivity within our communities.

This has been particularly prevalent among individuals living with long term health conditions and disabilities, as well as women, young people, and those from diverse ethnic communities. The Covid-19 pandemic has unfortunately deepened inequalities and therefore Active Essex’s role has been fundamental, especially in the past year.

The work of Active Essex has been enhanced through the Active Essex Foundation and the Essex Local Delivery Pilot, which has significantly contributed to the fantastic achievements set out in the Impact Report.

The Active Essex Foundation has allowed Active Essex to infiltrate physical activity into many different environments ensuring young people have the best start to life, whilst the Local Delivery Pilot has turbo charged their work in tackling physical inactivity in the most disadvantaged communities.

Azeem Akhtar, Chairman of Active Essex said; “Progress has still been made in the most challenging of circumstances. The future for physical activity and sport in Greater Essex is bright due to the magnificent work of all the clubs, volunteers, organisations, and system leaders. We look forward to working cohesively in our upcoming new strategy and are all fully committed to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be active for a healthier Greater Essex.”

As we begin to emerge from the pandemic and look towards the road to recovery, physical activity has been put high on the agenda to help recondition residents who have been most affected by Covid-19.

With national partner, Sport England having set the direction of travel for the sector with their recent release of “Uniting the Movement”, in summer 2021, Active Essex will be launching their new 10-year strategy to drive Sport and Physical Activity across Greater Essex. They look forward to working cohesively with partners and stakeholders, strengthening communities to implement this and provide physical activity and sport opportunities for everyone.

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