Planning bid to demolish bungalow in Old Harlow to go before committee

News / Sat 10th Apr 2021 at 09:11am

AN application to demolish a bungalow in Old Harlow and erect a replacement dwelling house is set to go before the Harlow Council planning committee.

The application seeks planning permission to replace the existing bungalow in Hart Road with a two storey dwelling (4 bedrooms).

The proposed dwelling would be 9.1m in width and would include a depth of 14.3m at ground floor level and 13m at first floor level.

Amended plans reduced the depth of the proposed dwelling at both levels to its current depth. The proposed dwelling would include a hipped roof with fenestration on all elevations with a porch with a pitched roof over.

The proposal would also widen the existing access to create 3 parking spaces within the front curtilage.

It is before the planning committee as there have been ten objections.


  •   The sun comes round the west side of no.49 and a great deal of light enters the kitchen and upstairs hallway and garden. The new build would sit to the west of no.49 and would change the level of light in the property
  •   The proposed dwelling would significantly extend beyond the rear of no.49 which would affect light to its north elevation and would overwhelm and cause a burden to this property.
  •   The existing as-built situation has been in place for 20+ years so there has been a right to long term enjoyment of neighbouring properties.
  •   It would affect the privacy of the back gardens of neighbouring properties.
  •   The 45 degree rule should be considered to assess overshadowing.
  •   Amended plans should be provided to avoid a negative impact on the light andenjoyment of neighbouring properties.
  •   The proposed development is far too big for the land it sits on.
  •   The proposal includes a very large house which would dwarf both its neighbours.
  •   The proposal would result in another bungalow disappearing from Hart Road.
  •   The proposed dwelling would not be in keeping with neighbouring properties orproperties in the street by way of size.
  •   The proposal would result in disruption to the street with various work vehicles formonth and months without any parking.
  •   No.43 should not set a precedent for development as the neighbour to the east ofno.43 did not object to that proposal.


  •   The bungalow has deteriorated and is now an eyesore.
  •   There have been several new houses and improvements to older existing ones which benefited the area.
  •   A new property will enhance the road as others have done, in particular number 43 which was a great improvement.
  •   There are a number of on-going projects and developments in Old Harlow at the moment which benefit residents.
  •   The proposal would improve the road and area and would raise the standard of the properties which would make them more sellable.

The application will be discussed at the Harlow Council planning committee meeting on Wednesday April 10th at 7.30pm on their YouTube channel.

The full application can be found here


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