Brisk trade as Harlow Town Centre shops re-open

Entertainment / Mon 12th Apr 2021 at 08:26am

EVERY morning, our reader Kellie, who lives near the town centre, goes for her daily walk.

This morning, with retailers re-opening (as part of the second stage out of lockdown), she kindly documented her walk.

Kellie said: “Here are the photos I took whilst out on my walk this morning. These were taken between 7.15am and 8.15am.

“For the last number of months it has a been a very lonely walk, with hardly a soul in sight. It has been wonderful to see the town centre coming back to life.

“Walking my usual route through and around the town I could feel the excitement and positive change in the air. It was lovely to see the stalls and shops getting ready to open and welcome you in.

“People were starting to queue up waiting patiently for the shops to open, despite the snow. I could even see people up in the gym, or waiting to get in.

The queue outside Primark started at 7:15 with a handful of people waiting but by 7:45 it had grown significantly.

At 8:01 a store worker told me that over 100 people were let in the doors when they opened at 8:00 (109 to be exact), as you can see by the photo she was really excited to let the mayhem commence.

I could hear the laughter and chatter of people wherever I went, if it wasn’t for the masks, there would be smiles too.

Harlow Council and their partners had created quite a substantial barrier system.

Despite the snow, the fruit and veg stallholders had set up their markets. A clothing store had also been set up outside Boots.

Kellie then went around the corner where Gentlemen’s Barber Z and B’s were doing a brisk trade.

Inside the Harvey Centre, a number of shops were starting to set up.

Kellie concluded: “Where a Monday morning walk would have been quiet with nothing too much to really talk about, this one certainly has left an impression on me and my day.

“Fingers crossed that we can all maintain and respect the safety measures that have been put in place so it can continue.

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