Planning permission given for 20 new homes in the grounds of Netteswell Hall

General / Sat 17th Apr 2021 at 08:16am

PLANNING permission has been granted for the erection of 20 dwellings including the conversion of Netteswell Hall into four flats.

Netteswell Hall is situated off Park Lane near the Town Park.

It was passed unanimously at a meeting of the Harlow Council planning committee on Wednesday night.

Architect Mark Cotton spoke in his capacity as the agent (17 mins) where he gave an overview of plans and address a number of issues regarding the site.

He did make reference to the poor state of Netteswell Hall and said it “was a target for anti-social behaviour”.

Mr Cotton said: “This scheme will make not a jewel in the crown of the site”

Cllr Mike Danvers countered that by saying: “This is a classic case of a developer allowing an area to deteriorate by stealth for years”.

Netteswell Hall is situated off Park Lane near the Town Park.

The application was submitted by Mrs J Ghadami.

The scheme has three elements: the demolition of extensions and conversion of Netteswell Hall into four flats; the creation of 8 two storey semi-detached and detached houses to the North of Netteswell Hall and backing onto Park Lane; and the erection of eight two storey detached and semi-detached houses fronting onto Netteswell Orchard.

Film of the application can be viewed below, starting from the second minute.

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