Anger over rat infested rubbish dump at back of shops in Harlow Town Centre

Health / Wed 28th Apr 2021 am30 06:17am

Update: Friday morning. It looks like it has all been cleared.

THERE is mounting anger over a mountain of rubbish dumped at the back of shops in Harlow Town Centre.

One of our readers is also a Harlow Womble, a very popular and successful campaign by residents to clean up the town but he couldn’t believe what he saw in the car park at the back of the shops near Little Walk and East Gate.

YH attended and took footage of the dump.

We understand the land is now owned by Strawberry Star, the company who are developing the area for flats. We have contacted their press office but have not received a reply.

Harlow MP Robert Halfon has called the dump a “disgrace”

Mr Halfon said: “The images of the rubbish, fly tipping and dead rats in the town centre are disgraceful. This must be dealt with immediately. 

“I have contacted both Harlow Council and Strawberry Star to ensure this is cleared as a matter of urgency and never happens again. Now is not the time for a blame game, but for both parties to knock their heads together and sort this straight away.

“The Harlow Wombles are doing brilliant work across our community to clear litter and show the pride we have in our town. That work should not be blighted by these awful images and the selfish individuals that have created this mess.”

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