Your Say: Will the Conservatives really deliver a new music venue?

General / Mon 3rd May 2021 at 07:14am

Dear Editor,

DO the Conservatives really mean we will get a live music venue? I saw the recent Conservative promo video on here and I was quite impressed, but do they really mean everything they say in that video?

It’s all well and good making promises to us people of the town before an election but if they get in and rule our council, will they honestly provide Harlow with a new live music venue which we lost when The Square was demolished a few years ago.

Why does Harlow have no youth services? No youth provision, clubs and aid to youth sports to divert from crime and promote good health and well being?

What are they going to do about these issues because Harlow is a shadow of it’s former self.

If Harlow really did have all of those things promised in the Conservatives recent promo video, then Harlow could be a great place to be.

But do they really mean it? Will we really get a live music venue and all those things?

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