Plans for new hospital for Harlow: Have they actually bought any land yet?

Health / Mon 24th May 2021 at 12:20pm

OVER the last few years, we have written many many stories on the plans for a new hospital for Harlow.

You have to be careful with your language on these matters. We say for Harlow and not in Harlow as it may not be in Harlow. It could be east of Harlow near Sheering which would make it in the administrative area of Uttlesford.

It could be “north of Harlow” which would make it in East Herts.

We have also seen many an innovative plan for the new hospital such as farms on the roof and a plan to make it carbon neutral.

However, we only just realised that there was one important question that we had failed to ask the hospital.

So we asked: “Have you actually bought the land yet?”

Lance McCarthy, chief executive, The Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust, said: “We are working with the national New Hospital Programme to complete our new hospital outline business case for submission in November 2021.

“Our current plans include the purchase of land and this is factored into our current timeline for the delivery of the new hospital.”

There we are. We are sure it is all in hand.

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