Plans for Copse Hill house extension to go before planning committee

Planning / Mon 7th Jun 2021 at 07:09am

PLANS for a house extension in Copse Hill is set to go in front of the Harlow Council planning committee.

The application refers to a property in the Copse Hill area of Harlow.

Planning permission is sought for various extensions to the application property. Amended drawings have been received, which mainly focus on a setback of the first floor side extension.

The proposed side extension would be 3m wide and sitting 1m away from the shared boundary with the neighbour no.114. The amended drawing shows that first floor would set back from the front elevation by 2m. It would have a hipped roof which sits 1m below the existing roof. The existing garage would be removed.

The proposed front extension would be the full width of the main house, including the proposed side extension. It would have a depth of 1.1m to 2.1m. The proposed flat roof has a maximum height of 2.8m.

The proposed rear extensions include a first floor extension on the west side to ‘square off’ the property and a 3m deep full-width single storey extension. The roof form of the proposed first floor element would be a continuation of the existing roof. The single storey rear extension would have flat roof with a maximum height of 3.2m. Three rooflights would be installed on the proposed flat roof.

The proposed extensions would create two additional bedrooms, and the resulting property would be a five-bedroom dwelling. The proposed extensions would be constructed using brickwork to match the existing house.


Four local residents object to the application for the following reasons:

  •   The proposed extensions would result in overbearing and overshadowing impact dueto its size and proximity to the neighbours.
  •   The proposed development would result in the loss of the existing garage and creationof two additional bedrooms. There are concerns that increased number of bedroomswould result in additional parking and causing on-street parking.
  •   One of the proposed first floor windows would be full-height and would open onto theflat roof of the single storey rear extension. It is worried that the flat roof would be used as a balcony/roof terrace, which would adversely affect neighbour amenity in form of overlooking and privacy issue.
  •   The proposed rear extension would affect the existing drains which run along the rear gardens.

The proposal will be discussed at the Harlow Council planning committee meeting on Tuesday June 8th at 7.30pm.

The full application can be seen below.


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