The Range is launching an Iceland in your local Harlow Store!

Business / Thu 24th Jun 2021 at 08:58am

THE Range is excited to announce that it will be opening a branch of Iceland within its Harlow store on Friday 30th July. It opens on the same day as an Iceland in the Loughborough store, which will take the total number of Iceland branches in Range stores across the UK and Ireland to 90.

From your everyday fresh fruit and veg to Gregg’s and Slimming World specials, your new Iceland in The Range Harlow will be packed full of everything you need for your weekly food shop. The selection of meat and dairy produce to store cupboard staples and frozen food, gives you plenty to choose from!

Snacks, sweets and ready meals galore! Alongside fresh produce, the Iceland selection features Gregg’s famous sausage rolls in frozen form (perfect for a quick lunch), affordable multipacks of crisps to keep the kids happy, and even a wide choice of frozen desserts, Slimming World ready meals, and your classic on-the-go favourites like Naked Noodles and Cup-a-Soups.

The Harlow store already has a family café, outdoor garden centre and luxurious Jonas & James kitchen showroom so the addition of Iceland next month is sure to make it a true destination superstore.

The addition of Iceland will provide even more affordable shopping lines amongst the already wide variety of products provided at The Range! Why do a grocery shop and then head to The Range for your home styling and cleaning essentials, when you can shop for it all in one place?

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8 Comments for The Range is launching an Iceland in your local Harlow Store!:

2021-06-24 14:00:05

We have an Iceland Warehouse less than 1/2 mile from the Range, what's the point of one going here as well? More congestion on a small enough area as it is?

2021-06-24 20:42:00

Farm foods next door this is point less give us something new

2021-06-24 21:32:08

Whats the point iceland warehouse just down the road and farmfoods next door please iceland in the main town really cant see the point and Harlow Range need to sort there tills out 1st always a que and the till areas are not big enough and get very dirty with the items that go through the tills…. Its not a very clean and hygiene Store either ..

2021-06-25 10:52:18

Seems rather daft with Farmfoods so close and they (Farmfoods) have a good range at good prices too.

2021-06-25 11:14:54

Went there yesterday for some arts & craft bits, everything was closed off including the DIY department. Now it's clear why they're changing but no signs outside of store to let customers know these areas closed. Can't see the point of Iceland in store.

2021-06-25 13:55:13

Why? There already is an Iceland in Harlow, we do not need another cheap , poor quality factory processed junk food store in Harlow. Went there to get art supplies and laminate folders and annoyed to find it all shut off.

2021-06-25 17:02:17

Not that we use Iceland much, but for those who do and don't drive, would it be too much to ask the Council and local bus company to run some kind of bus service down there. I don't know of any other town that has no bus service to it's retail parks. Disgusting.

Sadie Long
2021-08-24 02:22:13

Sadie Great Idea - love iceland the more the better.

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