Graham reaches major milestone at new M11 Harlow Junction scheme

Business / Thu 1st Jul 2021 at 08:05am

CIVIL engineering specialist GRAHAM has reached a major milestone on the new M11 Junction 7a project at Harlow following the installation of the structural steel beams to create a new overbridge at the junction.

The new Mores Overbridge will form an integral part of the infrastructure project, which has been funded through Highways England and Essex County Council to create a new junction between the existing junctions 7 at Harlow and 8 at Stansted on the M11, providing a new east-west link through the Essex town.

Along with a new link road and upgrade to Gilden Way in Harlow, the junction will improve access to the area’s busy road network, helping facilitate growth and creating better connectivity for residents, businesses and visitors. 

The new Mores Overbridge links the eastern and western sides of the new M11 Junction 7a which, via a ‘dumbbell roundabout’ arrangement, will provide full connectivity with new northbound and southbound on-slips and off-slips.

GRAHAM’s project team completed the beam installation over a two-week period to include offline rigging and de-rigging of the main lifting crane. 

Four overnight closures of the M11 were utilised to allow the safe lifting and installation of the beams. The closures also allowed for the installation of all the permanent formwork panels to the deck and the installation of the permanent bracing between the pairs of beams. Working in collaboration with Highways England the closures were further used for other maintenance works on the M11 preventing the need for numerous other closures and therefore minimising the impact on the road users. 

David Slevin, Project Manager for GRAHAM, said: 

“We are really pleased to have completed this significant milestone of the M11 Junction 7a scheme. The scale of the overall operation to complete these works was huge. With a 600t capacity crawler crane being deployed for the main lifts the establishment of the crane platforms, crane assembly area and beam assembly and delivery areas proved highly challenging tasks. 

“Thankfully, we were able to call on the vast engineering experience of our team and the teams of our supply chain partners to complete the delivery, lifting and installations without any issues arising. We now shift our focus onto the next phase of works in this important infrastructure project which will provide major benefits for Harlow and its surrounding areas.”

The major earthworks operations and drainage installation works on the scheme are also underway on the junction and link road into Harlow. With these due for completion in autumn 2021 the surfacing, fencing, landscaping and other finishing works will then continue into 2022. Significant surfacing works to the widened existing Gilden Way carriageway are also due to commence in June with a strategic series of planned weekend closures being utilised to allow the works to be completed safely and efficiently. 

The £39.5m M11 Junction 7a scheme has been funded through Highways England, the Department for Transport, Essex County Council and the South East Local Enterprise Partnership and is scheduled for opening next year.

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5 Comments for Graham reaches major milestone at new M11 Harlow Junction scheme:

Gene Kenway
2021-07-01 12:07:20

This will be the worst project for Harlow residents. The roads around our town are already overloaded. Edinburgh Way is already chocked with traffic from the Gates roundabout to the A414. This project will allow traffic that used to use the M11 roundabout into Harlow and filter into the A414 from about 5 different routes to use 1 route and choke the roads around the Old Town and pass the Mark Hall School which is already chocked with cars on the school run. Who ever dreams up these stupid ideas should be made to live in Harlow.

2021-07-01 12:57:33

Time will tell I guess. What always seems to happen is things are partly completed or not logical to everyone using the roads apart from the people that plan them. Why was the dual carriageway from Mark Hall roundabout up to Church Langley roundabout not all the way ? Why from Gates up to Mark Hall left lane only to go left when the vast majority of cars go straight over ? Maybe in anticipation of 7a but that was a long way a way when this was done, surely better to leave 2 lanes straight over and change road markings when 7a complete. If 7a linked to A414 by station this would resolve a lot of traffic coming through Harlow to go Hertford / A10 bound.

2021-07-01 14:14:17

"If 7a linked to A414 by station this would resolve a lot of traffic coming through Harlow to go Hertford / A10 bound." How on earth would do that, without driving a dual carriageway through swathes of Old Harlow?

2021-07-01 18:44:42

Not sure what you are thinking of Martin. The original plans for 7a included a proposal that went from the new 7a roundabout all the way to the roundabout north of Harlow Town Station on the A414. It went north of Old Harlow not through it and south of High Wych. Suspect it’ll happen further down the line as and when Gilston gets built on.

2021-07-01 19:12:07

Anyone with half a brain can see that 7a should have been north of sawbridgeworth, and link up with stortford bypass, upgrade the A120 all the way to the A10. Madness emptying a motorway into villages and an already choked up industrial area, old Harlow, and sawbridgeworth. Like to hear what the Green party candidate has to say in Markhall election.

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