St Clare Hospice launch campaign to recruit more nurses

Charity / Mon 5th Jul 2021 at 10:02am

WEST Essex and East Hertfordshire hospice, St Clare Hospice, has launched a campaign to recruit more trained nurses to the palliative care sector, whilst trying to raise the profile of the profession – in a bid to attract more nurses to the sector.

There is a national shorting of nurses, with around 10% of nursing roles in the Health and Social Care sector unfilled, with the regional figures running at a similar rate (10.7%).

The impact of the pandemic has exacerbated the nursing shortage, which had been reported for a number of years prior to 2020, and an increasing number of nurses are now considering leaving the profession due to dissatisfaction with pay and staff shortages.

St Clare Hospice is calling on trained nurses to bring their clinical expertise to the sphere of palliative care where local nurses will enjoy a competitive salary and a rewarding, fulfilling role where nurses have time to deliver outstanding patient care.

Key figures:

In West Essex, 8 people die every day. 6 of these people would have wanted to die at home, but only 2 of them will.1

On average, every person who dies from a long-term illness today has been admitted to hospital three times in the past year, spending almost three weeks in hospital, away from family and loved ones.2

Giving people appropriate and adequate care in their homes means that they are three times less likely to have an emergency admission to hospital in their last year of life.3

Evidence of nursing shortage:

According to NHS digital, nearly 10% of all full-time nursing roles in the UK were vacant. In the East of England, this is 10.7%, amounting to more than 3,600 nurses.
Nursing Workforce Shortage: England – Tuesday 3 March 2020 – Hansard – UK Parliament

In April 2021, 6 NHS organisations joined together in an open letter to the Prime Minister, warning that staffing vacancies are the greatest threat to the retention of the NHS.
Open letter to PM calls for quick action on NHS staffing undersupply | National Health Executive

Nursing is one of the occupations which appears on Shortage Occupation list: Top 5 Jobs in Demand in the UK in 2021 – The Shortage Occupation List UK – HR News

Around 10% of nurses exit the NHS each year.
Health and social care workforce | The Health Foundation

A recent nurse survey has shown increasing dissatisfaction amongst nurses in relation to pay and staff shortages, with 36% of nurses considering leaving the sector
‘Even more’ nurses considering quitting the profession, survey reveals | Nursing Times

However, recent reports are indicating an increase in the number of District Nurses coming into the system,
UK looks set to record ‘extraordinary’ increase in district nurses | Nursing Times

Supporting facts & stats in relation to the importance of palliative care nursing and Hospice at Home services.

Good community support can realise 70% of deaths at home and halve hospital admissions. 


The evidence shows us that community palliative care services can be highly successful in reducing emergency admissions.

For example, independent research from the Nuffield Trust   found that the Marie Curie Nursing Service reduced the likelihood of people requiring emergency admissions from 29% to 12%. 


The present research identifies that hospital admissions at the end of life can be a consequence of the challenges in delivering end-of-life care at home. Insufficient available nursing provision and family carers who had exceeded their capacity to care countered the desirability of home as a place to deliver end-of-life care. These circumstances often caused GPs, together with family carers and other healthcare staff to seek care for patients through hospital admissions. https://bjgp.org/content/69/685/e561  

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2021-07-06 00:09:21

Can never have too many nurses you all do such a fantastic job and sometimes you're not recognised for how hard you all work you have all done your country so proud in the last year.

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