Man fined and given penalty points for driving e-scooter in Harlow

Crime / Tue 6th Jul 2021 at 08:07am

A MAN has been fined and given penalty points for using an un-insured e-scooter on the roads in Harlow.

Mark Howes, aged 30, of Templefields House, River Way, Harlow was found guilty at Chelmsford magistrates court of the following.

On November 18th, 2020 at Harlow used a motor vehicle, namely black e-scooter, on a road, or other public place, namely East Road, when there was not in force in relation to that use such a policy of insurance or such a security in respect of third party risks as complied with the requirements of Part VI of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

The court heard that Howes drove the black e-scooter on East Road without due care and attention in that he pulled out of a junction where there was hatched lines onto the path of a oncoming vehicle, a Nissan Qashqai.

Howes had eight points put on his licence and was fiend £180.00


Message from Essex Police

We are again reminding owners and riders of privately-owned e-scooters in public areas of the laws around their use.

Our overarching aim is to keep everyone safe on our roads and footpaths. We want to educate owners and riders of privately owned e-scooters about the current legislation and, only where necessary, take enforcement action.

It comes as a man was convicted of driving an e-scooter without insurance and without due care and attention.

The 30-year-old from Harlow was found guilty after a trial at Colchester Magistrates’ Court following a collision between his uninsured e-scooter and a Nissan Qashqai on 18 November last year.

The incident happened in a Tesco car park in East Road, Harlow.

No injuries were sustained but the man was not insured to use the vehicle in a public place and he did not hold a full driving licence.

He had denied the charges but was found guilty by magistrates.

In total, the bench fined him £180 and ordered him to pay £180 in costs. He must also pay a £34 victim surcharge and will have his provisional licence endorsed with eight penalty points.

Did you know that privately owned e-scooters are illegal to use in a public place?

E-scooters come under the category of ‘powered transporters’. This also covers a range of other personal transport devices which are powered by a motor.

Powered transporters fall within the legal definition of a motor vehicle under the Road Traffic Act 1988. Therefore, the rules that apply to motor vehicles, also apply to e-scooters, which includes that they must not be ridden on footpaths or pavements and must not be ridden carelessly.

As an e-scooter is classed as a motor vehicle, users must comply with various pieces of Road Traffic Legislation, including but not limited to the requirement for the rider to have:
 • A valid driving licence
 • Valid insurance

It is not currently possible to get appropriate insurance for privately owned e-scooters. This means they cannot be used on the road or in public places legally.

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Terence Oliver
2021-07-06 17:48:03

If it was Illegal why wasn't the scooter confiscated and crushed. Set an example to all the other idiots out there

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