Objections to planning changes bid for Esquires

General / Mon 26th Jul 2021 at 08:40am

A NUMBER of objections have been made to an application to change a Harlow coffee shop into a restaurant.

The application refers to Esquires coffee shop in the Water Gardens.

This application intends for the change of use of the E(a) Use Class (Café) into a mixed-use E(b) Use Class with Sui Generis (Restaurant with Bar) at the ground floor with mezzanine, including the installation of ESP Ducting System.

A number of people have entered objections on the Harlow Council planning portal.

The comments include:

“Fantastic little local business, should be supporting local businesses and not closing them down”.

“This is a fine cafe with occasional community events. Another bar is not required”

“It’s an amazing venue that is such a good local business. It brings members of the community together and supports local charities

“We need to be supporting local business, especially after an awful year of businesses failing. Harlow does not need more overpriced chain restaurants, it needs small business that all families can enjoy as they should be able to.

“As a person who works within the local community, I can see how these venues are accessible and friendly towards all families”.

For more details, go to the link below and put in HW/FUL/21/00384


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6 Comments for Objections to planning changes bid for Esquires:

2021-07-26 08:49:06

NO NO NO , not another bar. We need better class shops and cafes not drunks!

2021-07-26 08:51:25

Another case of not supporting small businesses. We have enough eateries in the town, how about respecting us the residents views, when changes are put forward. How crowded will that be, and noisy.

Karis Bethell
2021-07-26 09:42:47

I use esquires regularly and the girls who work there are always so lovely.. please leave it as it is I love my morning coffees there.

Jake Shepherd
2021-07-26 15:05:33

I've been going to Esquires since secondary school and often travelled back from university with friends to visit! From live music to a quiet place to study, Esquires has been a big part of my life for nearly a decade! To lose such a wonderful space where all are welcome would be a big shame.

2021-07-26 16:15:51

Esquires is the best coffee shop in the town. I have been walking there from Church Langley since it opened as a part of my daily walking routine. The service has always been great, the atmosphere pleasant and the cappuccino fantastic! Being near the Water Gardens It is also a place for families to frequent. We don’t need another pointless overpriced bar which will be a novelty for about 5 minutes and then decline like all other establishments like this do. If you want a bar put it near the bus station, where Ernie Jones the jewellery shop used to be - this will allow all the alco-pop drinkers to stagger to the bus station after a night out on the town🤣😂.

Stephanie Moranda
2021-10-07 17:31:18

When I had my son I took him into Esquire most mornings. Breastfed him and felt happy, comfortable and welcomed. The staff are friendly, kind and helpful. Would be a real shame if this was turned into another bar.

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