Great Parndon councillor says he is concerned about warehouses that tower over houses in Katherines

News / Thu 5th Aug 2021 at 01:08pm

A GREAT Parndon councillor has told YH that he does share Katherines’ residents concerns over warehouse developments that are now towering over their houses.

Cllr David Carter (Cons) had written to local residents where he appeared to laying a large part of the blame at Labour councillors despite the fact that four Conservative councillors voted for it.

Cllr Carter said: “I do share the residents concerns over this and their frustrations.

“The fact they they have only realised now the implications on them, as these buildings are nearing completion suggests that there is something wrong with how this is being done.

“I understand from officers that letters were sent to over 180 residents ahead of both applications.

“This prompted just six responses, of which four were objections for the 2017 application, and one objection for the 2021 application.

The developer itself undertook local resident engagement ahead of the 2017 application including an exhibition which I attended in the local church.

During all this, no residents have approached me and raised concerns.

Not around the 2017 outline application, or the second application which took place in January, or in between.

As no residents had raised concerns with me, I did not need to make representations and so I did not attend the planning committee in January,

I understand no one spoke against the application.

The Cabinet member responsible for planning, Cllr Michael Hardware,has implemented a review of the way we do planning applications and he did make some important changes in May. Sadly too late for this application, also further changes are to be made,

As a ward councillor,I now receive a list each week of all planning applications so I can see what has been submitted in my ward and also the larger applications submitted across the town.

“He has also amended guidance to applicants, encouraging them to engageand brief ward councillors on larger applictions as they are submitted.

“Both Cllr Hardware and myself will be meeting residents on Friday to hear their concerns

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3 Comments for Great Parndon councillor says he is concerned about warehouses that tower over houses in Katherines:

Tony Durcan
2021-08-05 17:23:49

Typical Tory spin no mention of his serious allegations that the decision was made by Labour and not the collective planning committee. Tories just want the history that suit them and willing to ignore truth and honesty. Shameful

David Carter
2021-08-05 19:43:23

Tony The decision was made by all ten councillors To be honest they had no choice, they had to follow planning rules. Planning is non political

Nicholas Taylor
2021-08-06 07:04:05

This site was of course used for commercial purposes for decades. We know that the owner wanted to build homes on the site but this was rebuffed by "the Council". I wonder if Councillors were made aware of this by officers at the time or was this rebuff made solely by officers? There have been numerous occasions where officers have recommended a course of action when compiling a Planning Application report only to see Councillors reject the recommendation. This site would have been an ideal one for new homes to be built on, taking the pressure off to build on the Green Belt and green areas within the town, with the added benefit to being close to the Public Health England site.

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