Harlow Town Park paddling pool to re-open

Entertainment / Fri 13th Aug 2021 at 07:06am

HARLOW Council is pleased to announce that specialist repair works to the Town Park Paddling Pool were completed on Monday evening (the 9th of August). The specialist contractor’s advice is that the council needs to wait for the sealant between the concrete to fully dry before filling the pool and reopening it. The pool is now going through the full recommissioning process and will reopen next week.

The specific site of the repair works will remain fenced-off until the sealant is dry and overnight security is in place to ensure nothing is disturbed. Visits are being made every day to check the sealant.

Councillor Joel Charles, Deputy Leader of Harlow Council, said:

“Despite the best efforts of all involved, I am sorry to confirm that the original target date for reopening the paddling pool on Friday the 13th of August is now not possible. I know that families are eager to enjoy the paddling pool once again, but it cannot reopen until the sealant is fully dry. This is in accordance with the contractor’s advice and it takes between five and seven days for the sealant to cure and opening sooner would run the risk of leaving us back at square one. If we reopen the pool too soon, the situation could be worse with an extended closure in force and a higher repair bill. As I weighed up the options, I came to the conclusion with council officers that the only course of action would be to defer the opening for a few more days to avoid any further disruption.

“Next year, the maintenance and repair work will be carried out well in advance of the start of the summer opening period to prevent this type of delay from happening again. All future works will not start or be planned for completion four weeks out from the annual paddling pool reopening date, unless an urgent repair is required.

“I know that the delays to reopening the pool has caused frustration and disappointment for families. Although this will not make up for the fun families have lost out on while the pool has been closed, I have decided that the Town Park Paddling Pool will stay open this summer for a further two weeks, including weekends. The paddling pool will now close on the 14th of September rather than on the 31st of August.”

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2 Comments for Harlow Town Park paddling pool to re-open:

Herbert Thompson
2021-08-13 07:38:55

It’s about time it open we have missed the good weather now it’s going to be open when it’s going to be showers and near the End of the school holidays.mind you they have done the pool up well with path and railings been put up all we now is some benches around the pool instead of sitting on the floor.

Tony Edwards
2021-08-14 10:14:32

According to Your Harlow in December last year Harlow Council approved the contracts for the repair of the town's padding pools and on the 8th April residents were told that the work had commenced. On the 21st July Conservative Cllr Joel Charles Deputy Leader of Harlow Council, said: “I am delighted that we are now in a position to be able to open our paddling pools for families to enjoy this summer. The improvement works have been completed" ..... the paddling pools would be "open the following day" Then on the 3rd of August residents got an apology that the Town Park pool had not been opened after all but were assured by Councillor Charles it would be "open soon" with a given target date of the 13th August. And then on the 13th August we are told by Councillor Charles reopening "is now not possible" because "the sealant is not yet dry" and that it would take between "five and seven days for the sealant to cure" ! So, when was Councillor Charles given this information and why was this not factored into the calculations for the original target date? We can now only hope that the latest statement issued by Cllr Charles to Your Harlow proves to be correct and the Town Park Paddling Pool does in fact open next week. Here's hoping the sun will also shine and the children of Harlow and their parents can at long last enjoy this much-loved facility.

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