Letter to Editor: Harlow Council leader can’t even set up email address he promised

Harlow Council / Sat 14th Aug 2021 at 12:36pm

Dear Editor,

I read on the comments of YourHarlow that the Leader of the Council announced at the last full council that he had set up an email address for residents to email him on about our ideas for the future of Harlow. 

I’ve looked extensively for this email address (myideaharlow.gov.uk) but can’t find it. I also contacted the Council by phone, but there is no record of it. When I read further down the comments, it says that this email address hasn’t even been set up. 

Is this a joke? Is the Leader of the Council that insulting to residents that he spouts what he wants in the Council chamber, but no action follows?

If he can’t even set up an email address he has no hope of leading this town. After many years of neglect, is this clown the best we can hope for? It is very disappointing after so much hype at the elections. 

I’m not wasting my time voting again and certainly not by a party led by such a person. They treat us like children saying “I want to hear your ideas” and then nothing. 


Jean Morgan

Go to the seventh minute of film below for details.

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8 Comments for Letter to Editor: Harlow Council leader can’t even set up email address he promised:

Tanya Wishart
2021-08-14 13:57:32

No shock. Can’t even cut the grass. They need to ask the Leader how many emails he has received to this mystery email address and what action he has taken with them! If he won’t say, send a Freedom of Information request.

2021-08-14 14:12:57

Yes, I would like to know where this email is? When was it announced to the public? I know Johnson is a councillor in Church Langley and does nothing for the ward. I would like to see him have the guts to stand in another ward. Would not trust a word he says.

2021-08-14 16:32:31

An email address has been set up unfortunately emails are never answered. I know this from experience. Very rude in my book,

2021-08-14 20:53:58

Well, Gillian, no real surprises there! Johnson was handing out leaflets at the local elections stating that ‘Harlow needs a new Council’. He was right and it still does. I would not want the Labour lot back because they were useless. Trouble is that this guy looks no different other than spouting a load of porkies. So far, nothing has changed.

2021-08-14 23:43:17

Carful Martin! Tony Durkin (whatever his name is) will be lurking about in the shadows waiting for a chance to pounce on any comment regarding the council.

Steve Dean
2021-08-15 10:17:15

Further to Jean Morgan’s comments I can add that I have found the correct email address which is [email protected] and once I used this Andrew Johnson replied very quickly. Unfortunately, as is often the case, the YouTube video clip of the Harlow Council meeting is somewhat difficult to hear and the email address given by Mr. Johnson was not absolutely clear. It would have been much more effective and helpful if the correct email address had been advertised in some way, perhaps on the Harlow Council web site or in Mr. Johnson’s opening article in Harlow Times. I must add that I did have the same problem as Jean so I sent an email to Mr. Johnson’s Harlow Council email address [email protected] on 17th July 2021 and five weeks later I had not had any response at all (until I used [email protected]). The main point I had was to refer to a pledge on a Conservative Party leaflet distributed prior to the local elections on Thursday 6th May 2021 that said ‘Stop Sumners West to prevent overdevelopment in our community’. I pointed out that the consultation period for Epping Forest DC's Local Plan Main Modifications is now under way and comments are invited to be received by 23rd September 2021. As this date is approaching fast, I asked Mr Johnson if he would advise what action his Party will be taking to fulfill this promise. However, to date I have not had any response to explain what the Conservative Party will be doing. Regards Steve Dean

2021-08-15 19:16:25

Steve Dean, I wouldn’t hold your breath. He has been a Church Langley councillor for years and never does squat. He is only interested in playing as being important. He is a showman. I vote Tory in the general election, but long stopped voting in council elections for these useless twats.

Steve Dean
2021-08-26 16:09:03

Good job I didn't hold my breath Mark. I have still not had a reply from Mr Johnson in response to my email asking him to explain exactly what he and his Party intend to do to stop development. The closing date of 23rd September for comments on Epping Forest DC's Local Plan Main Modifications is rapidly approaching!

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