Review: Red Riding Hood and the Wolf at Victoria Hall Theatre

Entertainment / Tue 17th Aug 2021 at 04:03pm

FIRSTLY, it was great to be back reviewing after eighteen months away. Secondly, it is always a pleasure to be down at the Victoria Hall Theatre. It is a wonderful theatre, run by a great team.

Which brings us to Red Riding Hood and the Wolf by HalfTerm Productions.

This was a delightful hour in the company of a modern version of a traditional tale.

The story line is kept simple but they managed to have something for everyone, which is usually the signature of writer and director Simon Mawdsley.

The show begins with Big Bad Wolf played by Yusuke Iszuka. He introduces the story, gets the children and adults involved and generally sets the feel good tone. Yes, he should have been called Bernard!

He also reassures children and adults alike that this is a light story.

Summer Mawdsley’s hiphop happening Red Ridinghood is a breath of fresh air, bringing again a modern feel. Summer acquits herself well, especially in the singing department, when she performs “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

Mrs Ridinghood is played by the ever reliable Caroline Petherbridge, who anchors the performance and probably gives the spotlight to the others.

Molly Jenkins plays two roles, Grannie and WPC Rosie Cheeks. We have to say that Molly is worth the entry fee alone. A wonderful actress with great timing. She does have great lines like “scrutiny of a burglary in the vicinity” but she really does steal the show.

Molly recently appeared in an episode of BBC’s Call The Midwife and you might just want to catch her in Old Harlow…

The cake making scene is a lovely bit of slapstick that the children really enjoyed and goes to show that there are still really basic elements of theatre that young children love.

The play also managed to slip in some important messages (don’t go with strangers etc) but in a subtle, gentle way.

This had the blend of everything that you want in a summer holiday play.

As we come out of lockdown, it is really important to make sure your children are re-acquainted with all those social events in life and one of them is going to the theatre.

The audience today, loved the clapping and the call-outs. They also loved having their photos taken with the staff afterwards.

Please get down to Victoria Hall Theatre and enjoy this wonderful performance.

HalfTerm Productions


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