Raytheon UK volunteers’ partner with Harlow Town Park to give back to local community  

Business / Wed 18th Aug 2021 at 07:22am

A GROUP of Raytheon UK employees recently embarked on a wide community effort to help keep Harlow Town Park welcoming and accessible to all. 

Lesley Mitchell, Kate Larter, Mike Woodstock, David Carter, Dawn Elford, Katharine Skinner and Michelle Hunt all spent seven hours assisting Harlow Town Council through painting, gardening, and repairing the park, which consists of 160 acres of green space. 

“I chose the Town Park for one of our projects for Raytheon UK to help as it is a great source of entertainment, beauty and is educational (Pets Corner is loved by so many children),” said Lesley Mitchell, Raytheon UK’s Corporate Social Responsibility Lead in Harlow.

“The Park is widely used, not just by the Harlow community, but other visitors from many miles and I knew we could make a small but significant difference.  It was truly a great day out meeting up with colleagues again after months of not being able to. I would do it all over again.”

The team spent the day painting the railings at the edge of the park, cutting back bushes, trees and weeding pathways and steps.

Mike Levett, Harlow Town Park Manager, said: “Harlow Town Park is delighted and very grateful for the support of Raytheon UK on their recent staff volunteer day here. Despite the very hot weather the team of volunteers helped make the Park more welcoming and accessible by cutting back path edges, removing overhanging branches from paths and other vital work to help our visitors enjoy this historic park”. 

Raytheon UK offer employees five days paid volunteering leave to take throughout the year as part of their wider Corporate Responsibility Programme, Forward Steps. Raytheon UK are working to help the country take forward steps in promoting STEM, ensuring veterans can take the next step in their new careers and support and contribute to the communities they operate in.

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