Concrete and Trees: Superb video highlights possible devastation of River Stort if major road is built

General / Fri 20th Aug 2021 at 12:13pm

A LEADING Harlow singer-songwriter has combined her music with a video highlighting the devastation that could take place if a major road is allowed to run through a much-loved beauty spot.

Roisin Quinn’s video takes you on a journey from Edinburgh Way across to Gilston on the border of Harlow.

In between, the brilliantly edited film overlaps the planning images of major highways with the rivers and streams “in the way” of the road.

The video also gives details of which politicians you may want to contact in order to lodge your concerns and detail your objections.

This is also a very fine piece of music. Look Roisin Quinn up on I-Tunes.

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17 Comments for Concrete and Trees: Superb video highlights possible devastation of River Stort if major road is built:

Nicholas Taylor
2021-08-20 13:10:55

Well done Neal and all those involved in this campaign. The video gives a stark impression of what is proposed and in reality this is just the first stage in developing the whole area once the roads are built. In the meantime a petition has been set up by the Harlow Alliance Party calling on the Minister of Housing and Communities to withdraw the Local Plan of Epping Forest DC which proposes to allow the building of thousands of homes whilst destroying Green Belt land and acres of commercial greenhouse close to the Southern and Western boundaries of Harlow. The petition can be found at www.harlowallianceparty.org together with maps of the proposed developments and further information.

2021-08-20 13:12:19

Excellent and very thought provoking for what the future hold, Well down in getting this out to a wider audience.

Andrew Bray
2021-08-20 14:24:46

An excellent video that shows the real prospective destruction HGGT wishes to deliver to Harlow.

2021-08-20 14:52:36

It has been seen previously that interference with water courses , even smaller ones can lead to flooding. Vulnerable humans as well as the local wildlife would be endangered and it could then cost more in repair and compensation.

2021-08-20 16:59:35

I appreciate that someone took the time to do this to inform us. I’m deeply saddened to see what is proposed. It is sacrilege.

2021-08-20 18:25:23

this should not be built destroying all the habitats for wild life ect ect, but lets be real these houses will be built and dished out to every foreigner you can imagine and me and my child and girlfriend will just be a futher 10 years on the waiting list. imagine if they had just finished being built now, you would have the whole of afganistan move in.

2021-08-20 19:17:33

I share your pain wildlifelover, some people that supposedly support the working classes and spout off about the need for houses and a fairer society actually own several houses. Others made a fortune from war, do not expect anything concrete from these greedy so and so's. All you want is a modest little house with a little garden, not a mansion or a holiday home at the coast. There is no labour party. Only gobshites.

2021-08-21 07:11:41

Only seven comments so far concerns me!! This issue has not been given enough visibility to all Harlow residents and it’s reducing action that needs to be taken! Share as much as you can and get that petition signed!!

2021-08-21 09:17:17

I cannot Understand Why they're destroying the countryside again and putting up a 4 lane bridge /motorway . Why not use the original crossing by the train station Using the X motor sales to make the road wider. Instead of flats? Next to a rubbish dump? who is going to want to live there? Or is this whole Industrial estate going to be flats?. and you would only have to build a 2 lane bridge. But it's all about how much money rich people can make and councilors.

Kim Oconnor
2021-08-21 09:46:54

This will cause such destruction to our wildlife our lands our trees. They paint a very sugar coated picture of what they want to do, with no straight answer s to people s questions. There rosy picture of all theses so called village s as they like to call them, are in fact housing estates that will link up with new walk ways and cycle tracks. We are not Amsterdam, and who would want to walk and cycle along theses estate s, breathing in more and more pollution brought in by theses new houses. Which are not affordable in fact are very much unaffordable. It amazes me how any body could even think about building a 4 lane bridge over our beautiful river stort. Just imagine the destruction the vandalism of theses lands. Once it's gone it's gone forever, and for future generations.

Neil Warner-Baker
2021-08-21 11:18:29

Id like to thank everybody that has got involved in raising awareness so far... Remember.. The planning consent was to go through in June of this year..It was only the efforts of groups such as The Alliance Party and ourselves that the plans had any scutiny. That scrutiny forced the powers to be to delay the rubber stamping of this project.. But make no mistake...The likes of Cllr Hardware et al are taking a hard line and will carry on regardless.. The only to stop this madness is to put it firmly in the public domain and to let our politicians know that if they do not support us...then then we will not support them....at the ballot box..(Democracy in process). We have a petition running which i would urge everybody to to sign and share..We intend to present the Petition at next months Planning meeting for Harlow and East Herts Councils....BE AWARE that Cllr Mike Garnett is currently refusing to take receipt of this Petition...which doesnt bode well for the process of Democracy...Lets force the issue by keeping it in the public eye. The petition can be found here. https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/we-oppose-the-central-and-eastern-river-crossing-for-harlow-and-gilston-town?ltclid=813d3971-d545-4c93-9a65-cfa1c0ea7d9b

2021-08-21 12:57:01

As this informative video points out this road is going through heavely modified landscape. It's basicly old gravel pits and a landfill site. That is the reason after extensive research this route was chosen. No ancient flower meadows are being destroyed so nothing to see here. Soon all you will hear is the gentle noise of zero emission electric cars crossing the flyover

2021-08-21 13:56:34

I would like to say that I think this is an excellent song. Lyrically strong, well sung and great production. A tad Bowie-esque I feel. Yes, I liked it very much.

2021-08-22 08:41:27

It’s like the Chapter 8 plan (Gilston, Sawbridgeworth, Stortford, villages etc), residents do not realise the impact of these papers and want to object when the work starts which of course by then is too late. 6,500 houses coming Hatfield Heath way, more housing at the back of Churchgate Street (These plans always seem to be ‘hidden’ and then give the public such a short amount of time to respond! ) It’s really important people watch out for the consultation dates.

2021-08-23 08:37:03

The Eastern bridge barrier crossing is a road that cuts into the side, travels down, along and the bottom of the Valley. "What is proposed seems to me a monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much-loved and elegant friend," . . It is a monstrous eyesore. All to give access to a congested Edinburgh Way for the extremely wealthy from London living in new villages in East Herts. It will have an embodied carbon footprint of 19.5 million kg CO2 per year just from being built that's equivalent to around 160 million km of car journeys every year causing pollution and climate change. It will cost it seems around £62.5 million of your money and destroy habitats of bats, otter, voles and other wildlife what is a precious space for the people of Harlow and the natural reserve it has become. The irony is that it was going to be a simple less destructive bridge and the developers changed the design to be a raised road with culverts, ugly and more likely to cause flooding and divide the flood plain, changing it both upstream and downstream. There's also far less costly and far greener routes and options that the developers and Harlow, East Herts, and Epping Councils have inexplicably failed to properly consider. J7a could have linked to the Gilston Estate without forcing traffic through Harlow and without putting this brutalist structure in this treasured Valley. One wonders who benefits, apart from property developers and consultants, certainly not the people of Harlow, we get the increase in traffic, pollution and the millions of gallons of surface water and sewage from the development looks like it will impact cause overload and flooding of the already overloaded Harlow systems. We already get flooding and untreated sewage discharges into the environment. Harlow Council will get no benefits to feed back to us residents, the Council tax income goes to East Herts and the development seems to have zero affordable housing, it's certainly not going to provide our sons and daughters with homes. Harlow Council was duped and the Tory friends, the fat cat property developers, will reap massive profits . It's happening everywhere, "They took a little piece of heaven and put in a parking lot"

2021-08-23 08:51:59

Novoman surely you mean "zero Council housing! " Otherwise spot on!

2021-08-23 08:53:21

Sure do Ed, thanks

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