Labour call to extend the Oyster Card to Harlow

News / Sun 22nd Aug 2021 at 05:36pm

THE Oyster card system, which has provided lower cost and easier travel for many across the capital and even extend as far as Grays, so why not Harlow ask the local Labour Party.

Leader Chris Vince said: “Following the recent press release by the new Conservative administration about extending the underground to Harlow, something TfL have had no appetite in the past, many residents have contacted me, recognising that extending the Oyster card to Harlow would be a more realistic and quicker way to get the cost of commuting from Harlow down.

Over the past ten years under this Conservative led government Harlow commuters have been let down by ever increasing rail fares.

“Which is why Harlow Labour Party are asking TfL to work with Harlow Council to extend the Oyster Card to Harlow.

“If you would like to sign our petition please follow the link below”

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6 Comments for Labour call to extend the Oyster Card to Harlow:

James Humphreys
2021-08-22 20:33:57

Let me guess, Labour have not asked TFL directly about this yet either…

Michael Hatton
2021-08-23 05:56:03

How many more ' band wagons ' will C V attempt to clamber upon ?

Nicholas Taylor
2021-08-23 07:22:08

Lets not forget that for decades the complaint has been that Harlow New Town has two stations on the northern side of town making it more difficult to travel to than if they had been more central but if the Gilston development does go ahead, Harlow town station will actually be in the centre of The Harlow and Gilston Garden Town. It is known that to try and change the travelling habits after residents move into new housing areas is very difficult so if an improved (electric) bus service is provided together with the introduction of an oyster card before thousands of new homes are built, this will encourage residents not to use their car to travel around the town and to Epping Tube station.

Train lover
2021-08-23 09:24:05

I have not travelled from Harlow Town station into London for years due to the expense. Even if you factor in the bus fare to Epping it's still much cheaper. To extend the Oyster card scheme to Harlow seems like an easy solution to the problem enabling cheaper quick transport links to London.

2021-08-23 13:31:19

What plan next ? plans to build an airport ?

2021-08-23 15:59:41

Very welcoming if goes ahead. It’s far to expensive to travel to London from Harlow stations. Much cheaper to public it to Epping and use oyster.

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