Objections to Harlow Council plans to demolish garages in Halling Hill

News / Sun 29th Aug 2021 at 02:03pm

LOCAL residents have raised objections to Harlow Council plans to demolish a number of garages in Halling Hill.

The planning application looks to: Demolish the terrace of garages down to the ground bearing slab, replace the boundaries to residential properties with a timber close boarded fence on slotted concrete posts, to a height n.e. 1.8m when measured from either side, and leave the site suitable for unallocated hardstand parking.

However, a number of residents have written to Harlow Council detailing their objections.

One resident’s thoughts are below:

With objections being made, it is likely that this will go forward and be determined by the Harlow Council planning committee.

To see more details of the application, go to https://planningonline.harlow.gov.uk/online-applications/

Put HW/DEM/21/00470 in search engine.

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13 Comments for Objections to Harlow Council plans to demolish garages in Halling Hill:

2021-08-29 16:15:21

The people objecting are the ones keeping junk in there garages, the council is trying to help everyone, yet grumpy people seem to think they claim the garages, its ludicrous, its not fair for anyone everyone needs to park especially people working, go and check the garages and see which ones are used for storage obviously breaking the council garage rules, until you go and actually inspect the garages will you see the truth of the madness of these people who are objecting, really not fair on anyone, it seems by the statement they are more afraid of more housing being built then actually tackling the parking problem, those garages are a state.

2021-08-29 19:17:23

I have lived in halling hill years and those garages are a mess, so your telling the whole street, your going to leave the garages in the state they are in for another 10 years to make 6 people happy, when you could have helped the entire street for years to come, familys are getting bigger, people need to park, people are working day and night, instead you decide to do nothing for a couple of couch potatoes dealing at the back of there house, and doing shoddy repair work, do you think this is acceptable harlow council...

2021-08-30 06:05:01

So now my insurance will go up because I use it to store my car and will now be forced to park on the street... nice. Thanks for that one Harlow council. We told you before to take the green areas off the side and slab it so it’s better suited for parking giving up to 7 spots there... I’ve seen many houses on this street with two tenants who have three or four cars?! I have one and it’s my only one, and now I’m being forced to fight for a parking space amongst others who habe numerous? That’s really fair. What a joke. I submitted many years ago a request for a drive on the front of our property, it was rejected. I then asked Harlow council to secure me a placement for my vehicle, they refused. I then finally was able to get one of these garages and now it’s at risk of being demolished? I store my car in there and my pushbike. Where am I supposed to keep them now?! My insurance will cost me more, my car will once again face being scratched, damaged and dented - which is the reason I wanted to have a garage because yobs kept leaning up against it and scratching it. Even saw one once climbing and sitting on the roof, when I asked her to get off she shouted unsavoury things and threatened me. What on Earth Harlow council are thinking when they accept plans like these I will never know. It’s absurd and unjust. And yet somehow I see people on the comments here complaining about the reasons why people have garages, mind your own bloody business! What I keep and do with my property is of none of your concern!

Bruce Downey
2021-08-30 10:50:09

Get rid off! Eyesore.

2021-08-30 14:42:03

People should only be able to park cars in them, yes. However removing them does not solve any problems. Still the same amount of cars that require parking. Planning laws also need to change for driveways at Essex County Council. If you want people to buy electric cars then driveways are required. The current rules are too strict and need to be pragmatic.

2021-08-30 19:37:54

Garages should be checked if part of the agreement is to actually park a car in them. I know in potter street lots of garages being used for storage rather than cars, or not in use because faulty doors or repairs not done. I’m trying to get one but doubt it will happen. Council seem to want rid of them as seen lots being pulled down so must be cost cutting again. Great for people who want to park their car securely, (I do).

2021-08-31 05:30:41

James. Explain to me, should the police check your computer to be sure you don’t have illegal material on there? Should the government check your bank account to make sure you’re really paying your taxes and other bills? Should your employer really call your doctor to make sure you’re really sick and not just faking it? Privacy is something important - and whatever anyone says - I don’t want people snooping around my property wasting mine and their own time... I don’t have anything to hide but I sure as heck don’t want some other outsider poking around in my life - if you’re willing to sacrifice freedoms for security, then be it on your back. Not mine. What I keep in my garage, be it a car or otherwise is of nobody else’s concern - I pay the fee to own that small section of land, I maintain it and ensure it’s kept in a good condition - if anyone has a right to say if it should go or not, it’s me. Not someone who hasn’t a slightest idea about fairness.

2021-08-31 18:57:58

Go and check the garages the whole neighbourhood is fedup of looking for somewhere to park as they are being used for storage may as well get BigYellow to lease them, all the garages even the one the moaners are mentioning are in a bad state, knock them down and give everyone a chance to park.

2021-08-31 19:12:06

Lee, no idea how or why you’ve gone on a privacy rant from a garage issue. If you rent a garage from Harlow Council you rent it, you don’t own anything or any land to do what you want with. If it stipulates it’s for parking a car in it you should be doing just that and only that. I can’t rent one so cannot say but someone above mentions about breaking the rules of the agreement. The point being people are “renting” garages for storage and then parking on the road. If you rent a garage park your car in it and free up parking spaces for others. PS I do not want to know what’s on your computer

2021-08-31 20:11:29

Oh James, you misunderstand my point. The comparison I make is that - if you wish for the council to view the contents of the garage where do you draw the line? Perhaps you should try harder in obtaining a garage. I have no issue using mine to store my car. Am I allowed to also store my bike in there too? Or are you going to be upset about that too? Poor little snowflake.

2021-08-31 20:18:29

James you make a lot of sense justifying the situation, this is exactly the issue, Harlow council needs to check them, it’s all over the areas around Harlow, fold croft, hobtoe road it’s the same problem, people have storage, junk, car parts in the garages and broken uninsured cars outside in the garages stopping anyone from coming in like some garage club. Please sort this out Harlow council it’s been years… always some madman like Lee defending the garages for his precious junk it’s just beyond ridiculous now…

2021-08-31 21:06:56

Nice bit of backtracking Lee. You weren’t making a point, you were rambling on about privacy on something you don’t own and will never own. They own the garage so can do what they want with it. You can store your bike in the garage that’s fine, just ensure you do park your car in it as well and let others use the road to park. Anna, I know, until Harlow Council resolve it will always be the same.

2021-09-06 10:45:05

Anna, I keep my car in there. I stated that numerous times... what I keep in there is none of your business. It’s between me and the council. I pay the lease on it, so what concern is it to you? Damn busy bodies in this town always trying to poke their noses into everyone else’s business... if you don’t like it, move. Simple.

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