Anger after police turn up to Passmores Academy prom

General / Fri 3rd Sep 2021 at 05:00pm

ESSEX Police officers attended a prom at Passmores Academy after a complaint regarding parking.

Due to Covid-19, last year’s Year 11 students were not able to have their prom in July however special arrangements were made to have it on Thursday night.

However, as parents, staff and past pupils gathered in the playground of the Tracyes Road school, the police attended.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “There were reports of an obstruction in the road caused by a number of vehicles parked/stopped there.

We were called at around 6.40pm. We carried out enquiries into the cause of the obstruction and the vehicles moved on a short time later.”

A number of parents expressed their anger on social media.

One parent said: “Was very sad, the kids only have one prom in their lives. The parking was busy for 30 minutes 

“I can’t believe the police turned up! I once had an attempted break in at my house. Called police. Police came three days later!”

Another parent said: “Just a few months ago, Essex Police failed to turn up to a hundred strong house party/rave around the corner from Passmores but they turn up to the children’s prom.”

Apart from that, we have been informed that the young people had a lovely time and were immaculately behaved. Well done to all at Passmores Academy for organising.

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5 Comments for Anger after police turn up to Passmores Academy prom:

2021-09-03 23:20:25

Obstruction of a busy road by inconsiderate drivers is aggravation for a lot of road-users. What the actual event is, is irrelevant.

John Wix
2021-09-04 11:33:26

Some people just can't find anything else to complain about. Poor kids have missed out on so much already. Why tarnish something else for them?

Dom joley
2021-09-04 11:40:01

Could have simply made a small diversion and saved police time and a lot of hard working peoples taxes!

2021-09-04 14:41:02

trayces road is always busy thats why there is double yellow lines there .not because the council had a load of yellow paint left over. park at bush fair or nichols field car park or better still walk

2021-09-05 10:17:58

Sorry couldn't get through 🚒🚑 Time matters.

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