Major potholes on A414 from Hamburger roundabout to Harlow Mill roundabout set to be resurfaced

General / Mon 6th Sep 2021 at 08:11am

FOLLOWING lobbying from Harlow’s four county councillors and several reports from residents, the major potholes on the A414 section stretching from the entrance to the south side of the town, all the way to the Harlow Mill roundabout are set to be resurfaced.

A number of road surfaces have been improved in recent weeks, but the County Councillors have made clear that there is still much work to do to improve Harlow’s roads.

Cllr Clive Souter, Cllr Michael Hardware, Cllr Mike Garnett and Cllr Eddie Johnson are working hard to both report and ensure that as many potholes are filled as possible across the town.

The work on the A414 is set to begin on the 20th September lasting 5 days.

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7 Comments for Major potholes on A414 from Hamburger roundabout to Harlow Mill roundabout set to be resurfaced:

2021-09-06 09:32:36

When are the pot holes in Harlow going to be fixed. There are so many all over the town. You take your life in your own hands when driving to avoid them.

2021-09-06 10:43:27

The road near the Peugeot garage to Mac Donald’s need resurfacing as we as these hole are now going across the whole width and my husband has just had to have nee springs put on his car. This is not good enough by Essex county council who should get the roads sorted quicker than what they’ve been doing.

2021-09-06 11:31:04

Just fix the pothole it’s about time winter is round the corner, announcing it deserves a bank holiday

2021-09-06 13:01:01

Let's hope they do a better job than the shodder road repairs on the local roads in Old Harlow. It was more of a respray than a resurface.

2021-09-06 16:05:48

A usual wait for traffic volume to increase because kids back at school, then road works appear.

tony edwards
2021-09-06 16:09:12

I recently visited Middlesbrough, Gateshead and North Yorkshire. The roads there are so much better. There you can drive miles and miles without having to negotiate around potholes, the kerbs and road marking are also in a good state of repair. So if Middlesbrough, Gateshead and North Yorkshire Councils can get there roads sorted and safe - why can't Conservative run Essex County Council? Harlow's roads are a disgrace and have been a disgrace for far too long!

Nicholas Taylor
2021-09-06 21:14:51

You are so right Tony. I have just taken a trip to Dartmouth using two different routes and I can hardly remember encountering a pot hole. Apart from the A414 in Harlow which should be of the highest priority, the ring road around the town centre should be next, the potholes on the dual carriageway close to the Asda car park have been growing in size for months, not a great advert for visitors to the town. It should not be necessary for Councillors to have to report and chase up works, ECC should have a comprehensive programme of work to rid the town of this problem.

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