Planning application for Radburn Close set to go before planning committee

General / Fri 10th Sep 2021 at 01:49pm

A PLANNING application has been submitted for a change of use of public land to private land for extension of the rear garden of 66 Radburn Close.

The application relates to a piece of land located on Radburn Close. It is a small patch of grass verge, measuring 60m2 in size, at the end of a footpath which gives access to 60-64 Radburn Close.

The site is located behind the rear garden of 65 Radburn Close and to the west of the rear garden of 66 Radburn Close. There is a paved path between the site and the rear garden fence of no.65, which gives access to the rear gates of no.65 and 66.

The site is 15m away from the single storey rear extension of no.65, and 10m away from the front elevation of no.64.

The north boundary of the site is a line of hedgerow, and beyond that is the green openspace of Radburn Playing Field.

Summary of Representations Received

Four letters of objection have been received. They object the application for the following reasons:

  •   The proposal would detrimentally harm the character and appearance of the local area
  •   Significant harm on neighbour amenity such as overshadowing and privacy. This isparticularly concerning if an outbuilding is later erected on this location
  •   Impacts on local and visiting wildlife
  •   The proposal would impede the use of the existing footpath
  •   The applicant does not take good care of his existing garden

Other local residents have tried to purchase this land from the Council but got refused. This is unfair that the Council is now considering selling the land to another resident.

The application will be discussed at the Harlow Council planning meeting on Wednesday September 15th at 7.30pm in The Water Gardens.


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