Harlow Conservatives set to table motion opposing development to south and west of Harlow 

General / Thu 16th Sep 2021 at 02:54pm

AT the Full Council meeting this evening, the new Conservative Council is set to deliver on their long standing pledge about development on the border of Harlow. 

The Harlow Conservatives have campaigned against development to the south and west of Harlow since the idea was first posed well over a decade ago and furthermore, to mitigate the impact of any development to the east of Harlow such as Junction 7a. Under the previous Council, the Labour party did not take that position and chose not to oppose the proposals in the Epping Forest Local Development plan which threatened Harlow with widescale developments in Sumners West, Katherines West, Latton Priory and to the east of Harlow. 

However, the Conservatives are set to deliver on their pledge to oppose these proposals, now that they are in control of the Council, and pass a motion at next week’s Council meeting. 

Sumners and Kingsmoor Councillor, Cllr Russell Perrin, who is bringing forward the Conservative motion said: “We have always opposed development to the south and west of Harlow. We pledged in our campaign that we would do everything possible to stop them and mitigate the impact of developments to the east of Harlow. Sadly, the previous Labour Council did not act at the crucial time, they did not consult residents on these developments, in fact they supported the proposals to the south and west when they tore up a cross party agreement made by the Conservatives to oppose these developments several years ago. 

“In stark contrast, we are not only passing a Full Council motion, but also taking concrete action to do everything possible to stop development to the south and west and support our residents in the east of Harlow. We understand the need for new housing; that is why we have always supported development to the North of Harlow.”The motion reads:

“This Council recognises the huge concerns many residents have about the proposed developments around Harlow, including Sumners West, Katherines East, Latton Priory and to the east of Harlow. There are worries that these developments will overwhelm the existing town transport infrastructure, services and amenities.

In particular, these concerns surround transport links in west and south Harlow, the lack of capacity on Southern Way, Water Lane, Broadley Road and the B181 Epping Road, and the potential impact on local medical and education services.

The proposed strategic housing site to the east of Harlow, and those developments already taking place on Gilden Way and the new M11 junction, will add additional impact upon the residents of Old Harlow who rightly continue to raise objections about the proposals for further new housing.

In support of the above, this Council resolves that it:

1. Remains against growth to the southern and western boundaries of the town, preferring any growth to be to the north (Gilston Villages) and east of Harlow.

2. Will make any representations necessary to communicate that it does not support any development of Sumners West or any other developments to the south or west of Harlow.

3. Will not sell or lease any land or rights of way which it possesses that may assist in the development of Sumners West or any other developments to the south or west of Harlow.

4. Puts in place a plan to do everything possible to mitigate the strategic housing site to the east of Harlow. To better recognise the potential impact on existing residents, particularly in Churchgate Street and the neighbouring parts of Old Harlow that will also be affected, by:

a. Conducting an additional strategic assessment of the proposed housing site to gain further clarity about its feasibility and publish a specific mitigation action plan to limit the severity of the impact of such potential housing growth;

b. Developing a separate agreement between this Council and Old Harlow residents to safeguard the community from future over-development, recognising the importance of preserving the Conservation Area; and

c. Committing to additional consultation in line with the new community engagement strategy that will be developed by this Council, so that Old Harlow residents’ concerns can be used to inform future plans to mitigate the prospect of an east strategic housing site.

5. The Chief Executive in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Strategic growth submits a formal objection to Epping Forest District Council Local development plan to the extent that it impacts upon points 1 – 4 and sub clauses raised in this motion.”

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2 Comments for Harlow Conservatives set to table motion opposing development to south and west of Harlow :

Paul Jacobson
2021-09-16 17:41:57

They may not be happy with the development to the south of Harlow, but they want to vote in favour of a 15 storey block of flats in Rectory Wood which will adversely effect both the wildlife habitat of Rectory Wood and the housing estate but it will also be a blight on the whole of the town.

Paul Jacobson
2021-09-16 17:48:26

That should have been in Wych elm adjacent to Rectory Wood, a cycle track and footpath are all that separate the proposed building from the wood, and as there are Oak trees with canopies that are above the existing Ripped gym site you know that the company who want to build the eyesaw will want to hack them back.

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