MP Robert Halfon: “The government has been very clear in saying that there will not be a shortage of energy supply over the winter”

General / Wed 22nd Sep 2021 at 07:51am

HARLOW’S MP, Robert Halfon, has campaigned to cut energy bills to further support Harlow residents. With the news about potential rises to energy bills due to a shortage of energy supply, Mr Halfon, raised his concerns directly in the House of Commons with the Business Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng MP.

The Business Secretary was making a statement in which he made clear that “There is absolutely no question of the lights going out or people being unable to heat their homes.

There will be no three-day working weeks or a throwback to the 1970s”. He added that the Government’s number one priority was protecting consumers and for that reason the energy price cap – which protects households being burdened with rapidly rising energy prices – would be kept in place. The cap saves 15 million households up to £100 a year.

Mr Halfon rose on the floor of the House of Commons to say: “Alongside the increasing gas prices, consumers are facing a double whammy through increasing petrol prices, which, as FairFuelUK has pointed out, have gone up by 9-to-10p over the past six months.

He asked the Business Secretary to “maintain the fuel duty freeze” saying it was “vital for motorists and businesses”. Furthermore, he asked the Government to “look at reducing VAT on energy bills” – having previously asked the Government to reduce VAT on energy bills.

The Business Secretary explained that the Government will be taking every action necessary to protect consumers, on top of the actions they are already taking, including:

Protecting millions of customers through the Energy Price Cap saving households up to £100 a year and stopping sharp rises in energy bills.

Extending the Warm Home Discount Scheme – cutting energy bills for 2.7 million pensioners and low income families with a £140 discount on bills this year.

Continuing Winter Fuel Payments to tackle fuel poverty with a tax free payment of £100 to £300 to help with the cost of heating – supporting over 11.4 million people.

Delivering Cold Weather Payments to vulnerable people to keep their homes warm in exceptional circumstances.

Commenting, Mr Halfon said: “I will continue to do everything possible to stand up for Harlow and village residents against the risk of rising energy costs. I strongly welcome the Government’s commitment to the Energy Price Cap which will stop residents seeing sharp rises in energy bills.

“I am working hard to lobby the Government to also look at potentially reducing VAT on energy bills which would mean lower energy bills.

“The Government has been very clear in saying that there will not be a shortage of energy supply over the Winter, but I would encourage any resident concerned to read more here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-gas-supply-explainer”

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2 Comments for MP Robert Halfon: “The government has been very clear in saying that there will not be a shortage of energy supply over the winter”:

2021-09-22 14:10:46

Think you may find the energy cap is reviewed twice a year and the recent one was before the escalation in price, The next one i think is due in April and if prices are high we will be hammered with price increases, Typical political spin, Do they not think us proles are not aware how things work.

2021-09-23 08:23:27

In 2016 Michael Gove promised domestic fuel bills would be slashed thanks to leaving the EU. Great news! It would be paid for by scrapping the £2.6 billion VAT charge on electricity prices and paid for by UK not having to pay money to the EU. So where is that cut? The Tory government says we are all being saved £100 thanks to price caps. Nonsense. We are facing price rises of £400. Given the low paid workers are facing a huge hike in NI contributions and losing £1000 in benefits payments, hardly any wonder Citizens Advice are predicting a tsunami of increased poverty.

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