Harlow man convicted of drilling into neighbour’s skull following late night DIY argument

Crime / Fri 24th Sep 2021 at 06:29pm

A MAN has been convicted of attacking his neighbour with an electric drill in an argument over late night DIY.

Officers were called to an address in Church End, Harlow at around 1pm on 3 August last year after reports a man had been attacked with an electric drill.

When they arrived officers found a man, 45 year-old Eddie Achunche still with the drill in his hand.

Through their investigations they established Achunche had been confronted by the victim who was unhappy with Achunche had been drilling late the previous night and had been keeping other residents awake.

Witnesses told officers they saw the argument and then saw the aftermath where the victim was lying on the floor with Achunche, of Church End, Harlow, standing over him with the drill in his hand and calling the ambulance service.

The victim, a man in his 30s, sustained serious injuries to his head and face, with the drill bit found to have gone 5cm into his brain.

He had a bleed on the brain and now has significant weakness and physical impairment on his right upper and lower limbs, he has double vision in his left eye and brain damage, resulting in memory and cognitive issues.

Achunche claimed he was acting in self defence and hadn’t meant to hurt anyone.

However, he was arrested and charged with GBH with intent and a charge of GBH without intent was added at court.

Following a trial at Chelmsford Crown Court he was found guilty of GBH without intent and not guilty of GBH with intent on Monday 20 September.

He will be sentenced at the same court next month.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Alana McCreath, from Harlow CID, said:

“This was a brutal attack which has resulted in life-changing injuries to the victim.

“It is unimaginable to use a power drill against another person but Eddie Achunche did just this.

“The victim will have to live with the consequences of Achunche’s actions for the rest of his life.

“Achunche has shown little remorse for his actions and instead tried to convince officers he was just acting in self defence.”

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12 Comments for Harlow man convicted of drilling into neighbour’s skull following late night DIY argument:

2021-09-24 20:44:14

10 year sentence that's attempted murder

2021-09-24 21:29:27

Not the first time he's attacked people verbally and physically at church end. Concerns were raised about Eddie and nothing was done. Thoughts are with his victim and praying for a speedy recovery

2021-09-24 21:39:05

The police should have acted on the many occasions they were called out, when this man attacked other neighbours, harassed them and started fights and arguments. Harlow and Essex police failed to act as this man repeatedly claimed discrimination and self defence, and then he committed this vile crime. This was no act of self defence and the fact the court has allowed him to be found not guilty with intent shows how much our justice system is failing. GBH without intent does not carry a heavy enough sentence for such a brutal crime. The victims life will never be the same following what happened.

2021-09-25 07:45:59

How can drilling into someone's skull be found as GBH without intent! If this wasn't such an appalling act of attempted murder leaving the victim with serious injuries, and everyone else involved left traumatised, I would say this outcome is a complete and utter miscarriage of justice and makes a 'laughing stock' of our system. This individual clearly has a major problem and needs to be dealt with appropriately.

2021-09-25 08:38:39

From personally seeing him scream at a pregnant resident with violence when she asked him to move his car that was blocking her exit,to filming other residents and shouting at them and claiming racial abuse,to drilling into someone's head causing them life changing injuries I am shocked by the outcome of this awful case! That person should be locked away for a long time !!

2021-09-25 15:42:20

My son had an altercation with this mad man the evening before and was threatened by him with a drill in his hand and although the police new this he wasn't even called as a witness. No wonder this country is going to the dogs.

2021-09-25 16:09:14

This country and it laws are an absolute joke, my neighbours life is ruined and this mad man will probably walk free!! I’m speechless and shocked for ever.

2021-09-25 18:00:51

Seems to be a lucky man, https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/driver-who-caused-serious-injuries-in-head-on-collision-given-suspended-sentence-35570379.html

2021-09-26 00:30:06

Nothing surprises me in church end. There is a psycho bloke who also lives in the flats who has harassed my friend. He’s a misogynistic dangerous man who shouldn’t be housed around women. The police don’t care and my friend lives in fear living next door to him. Nothing surprises me in church end!!

2021-09-26 00:31:50

Attempted murder

2021-09-26 09:19:54

The next time we see his name published it will probably be for an actual murder ! This is a disgrace,the victim was a quiet spoken, gentle man and was carrying his shopping up to his flat, he did not deserve to be attacked in such a brutal way.

2021-09-27 15:16:50

Absolute joke!! He has had so many previous altercations with others round the area and it took for some poor man to be hurt that serious for the police to then act on it. He now has life changing injures, what about him and his family. This man has got a slap on the wrist and will carry on with his life as normal. High chance this could of been prevented if acted on his shocking threats and behaviour sooner. That's not GBH, that's attempted murder. System is a joke. Bet if it was the judges son, daughter or family member it would of been an hefty sentence in prison. Just shocking!!!

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