MP Robert Halfon raises Save Our Stort campaign in House of Commons

News / Fri 24th Sep 2021 at 08:37am

HARLOW’S MP, Robert Halfon, today raised the Save our Stort campaign in the House of Commons with the Leader of the House, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP. The question followed Mr Halfon’s two Parliamentary motions about the Stort crossing proposals in which he has made his position clear.

Mr Halfon rose in the Commons and brought attention to his latest Parliamentary motion which he said “highlights the serious concerns thousands of Harlow residents have about the Stort Crossing proposals in my constituency which could have a devastating impact upon the beautiful environment and wildlife of the Stort Valley in Harlow”.

He added that “Unfortunately, this problem was inherited from the previous Labour Council who made the decision.”

Mr Halfon further asked Mr Rees-Mogg to “praise the constructive Save our Stort campaigners, who rather than blocking the M25, have campaigned passionately to cherish a beautiful part of our town” and he repeated his call for “the developers to go back to the drawing board on these proposals”.

The Leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg, responded by praising and commending the Save our Stort campaigners and further praised Mr Halfon who he said “brilliantly” represented Harlow. 

Mr Halfon is visiting the Stort crossing site tomorrow with campaigners to see the area in person and says that he will continue to raise his concerns.


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5 Comments for MP Robert Halfon raises Save Our Stort campaign in House of Commons:

2021-09-24 09:36:56

Good for him! This disastrous scheme should be scrapped. I signed the petition

2021-09-24 15:36:29

There are a limited number of options, which include ..... 1) Build the crossing across the Stort 2) Re-design Edinburgh Way from River Way and the existing railway crossing by Harlow Town station to handle the increased traffic. 3) Build the northern bypass as was suggested at the public meetings headed by Rodney Bass (Essex CC). 4) Accept horrendous traffic holdups. No 3 would have avoided all the work carried out on Gilden Way and Edinburgh Way, but according to the presentations at the public meetings it would not have solved the problem of traffic coming to / going from Harlow to work, and it would have been very expensive. I do hope an alternative to the crossing is found.

2021-09-24 18:17:28

In reply to Nick's comment on the options available. There is another one. Scrap all plans for the New Garden Town altogether. It is so unpopular, and as the availability of affordable housing in the development is so low, it won't benefit people in Harlow much. Add to this the announcement a few days ago, that funding for the new hospital has been reduced, the decision to build any more housing anywhere across the area needs to be looked at. Our present hospital can barely cope as it is, without any new developments. I cannot imagine what the situation will be, if we don't get the new hospital as was promised, and this is essential if new housing is forthcoming.

2021-09-24 21:29:43

At Nick and anyone else reading. There are alternatives. Our alternative route and accompanying option is cost effective, causes no households an issue and is viable . We are including details in our forthcoming report due to publish by October 1st. If you would like to receive a copy please message me at jul[email protected] on behalf of Friends of Latton Island

Kim Oconnor
2021-09-25 09:56:53

If we knew theses housing estates would benifit future generations of this town ,it would go down a lot better, but theses are unaffordable housing estates. The only affordable housing is council. How many were built last year in this town??? You call them villages, there not village s our village s are being swamped by theses housing. And as for our beautiful river stort, I don't understand how any body could think of such a bad idea for our environment, this is so bad for our wild life, our trees , and our river, not to mention our well-being. You all talk about wellbeing, when all you want to do is take what's good for us away.I find this so hypocritical. We need our green spaces in harlow , it's becoming now that our river will be the only thing left for us.And you want to take that from us to. We do not want to become a city, ask us and your find out. And as for new cycle tracks and walk ways, I'm a cyclist, I wouldn't want to cycle round all that pollution, WE ARE NOT AMSTERDAM. The bridge is a step to far for us all. The river and all theses housing estates, is a greed and profit thing pure and simple. With no infastructure put in place. We will all flood more sooner than later, then you can all sit back and wonder why.

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