Number of petrol stations in Harlow closed as panic buying continues

News / Sat 25th Sep 2021 at 11:36am

MANY petrol stations in Harlow stations were closed for fuel as panic buying continued throughout Harlow.

YH did a lap around the town between 11am and 12pm to see what the state of play was.

Film is below

Petrol Stations

Staple Tye: Closed for Fuel

Elizabeth Way: Closed for Fuel

Sainsburys: Closed

Tesco on Edinburgh way: Open

Tesco on Church Langley: Open

BP A414: Closed for Fuel

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10 Comments for Number of petrol stations in Harlow closed as panic buying continues:

2021-09-25 13:19:22

Garages should do what was done a few years ago by some petrol retailers and have a sign "Tank toppers beware a minimum/ maximum charge of £30 pounds payable before filling" this will stop greedy motorists trying to squeeze a couple more litres into there already full tanks and makes it fair for everyone and the panic will be over quickly.

Lorraine Probyn
2021-09-25 13:27:39

I went to six this morning , no petrol. At this rate I wont be able to get to work on Monday if I cant get any tomorrow. I not surprised by the greed of people but am disappointed that so many people have been fooled by the media....again

2021-09-25 15:10:48

Sheep followers allowing the scare tactic from the media hear to work on them. Hear the words don’t panic then it triggers something for them to say oh no the media has spoken they said don’t panic. How about just go about your day as normal and if you need fuel then get some. Not oh I’ve got just under half a tank but better fill it up. #sheepfollwers

2021-09-26 07:11:50

Just like the food situation at the hight of the pandemic people should remember that essential workers need to get to work. Some will need their cars to actually do their jobs for example home visits etc. I can't believe people continue to behave so selfishly in creating a problem that previously did not even exist. What short memories we have.

2021-09-26 08:03:27

Appreciate the need to prioritise NHS workers at Harlow Edinburgh Tesco, however, I now have no petrol to attend a hospital appointment. Why do people have to be so selfish and cause this crisis in the first place, have we not learnt from last year? Pity Tesco didn’t advertise this policy as they are advertising petrol for everyone on the customer service helpline and I have now driven and queued and used all the petrol I had. Thank you?!

Bruce Downey
2021-09-26 08:13:19

Get on your bike, walk, use public transport, buy electric car.

Patricia Royce
2021-09-26 08:44:36

They should stop cas being filled. Tank only. And only certain amount. Fill up & leave.. Do not allow stock pilling..

2021-09-26 08:58:13

Bruce Downey if you wanna buy me an electric car I’ll gladly use one!

2021-09-26 20:38:54

Thanks a lot selfish people who panic bought petrol i now cant go to work tomorrow, unbelievable!!!!

Alan Salsbury
2021-09-27 07:23:37

On Friday I was shocked to see the queue of drivers trying to get into Tescos Edinburgh way. I didn't need fuel but food but with only one entrance I gave up. On the return journey to old Harlow, I witnessed an ambulance on an Emergency call completely trapped. At least Church Langly Tescos has a back entrance.

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