Harlow drug gang leader ordered to pay £81k

Crime / Mon 27th Sep 2021 at 03:52pm

THE leader of a gang which was intent on flooding the streets of Harlow with cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine and cannabis has been ordered to pay more than £81,000 in criminal gains. 

Nicholas Glynn was sentenced to ten years in prison in February last year after being found guilty of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and two counts of conspiracy to supply Class B drugs.

Glynn, previously of Mark Hall Moors, in Harlow, was convicted are part of an investigation by West Operation Raptor team which saw them seize nearly 5kg of cocaine worth £209,000, 0.5kg of cannabis worth £3,000 and 400 ecstasy tablets worth £8,000.

During their investigation the officers also seized more than £40,000 in cash and carried out nine warrants.

Now, thanks to the tireless work of Essex Police financial investigator Helen Adler, Glynn has been ordered to pay £81,178.25 as a result of a proceeds of crime hearing at Chelmsford Crown Court. 

Speaking after the hearing on Thursday, Detective Sergeant James Paget, of the West Operation Raptor team, said: “We make no apology for our uncompromising pursuit of drug dealers in our county. 

“Last year, Glynn and his associates were sentenced for a combined total of 40 years in prison, but our work wasn’t finished. The drive and determination within Operation Raptor to not only take drugs and drug dealers off our streets but to pursue them for their ill-gotten gains shows that, time and again, our officers are stepping up to plate to keep our county safe. 

“Glynn’s intention was to flood Harlow with a mixture of extremely harmful drugs and to line his own pockets as he did so. Thankfully, his mission did not succeed on any count and it goes to show that drug dealing just does not pay in Essex.

“Every day our Raptor teams are on the streets of this county protecting and serving you, our residents, and whether we can arrest and charge a drug dealer on the spot or carry out a complex, lengthy investigation, we will do what is needed to stop these people causing harm in our communities.”

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5 Comments for Harlow drug gang leader ordered to pay £81k:

2021-09-27 16:37:49

Good Work.

Kay Morrison
2021-09-28 06:25:10

Hard, painstaking police work rewarded. Well done, the team!

David Carter
2021-09-28 14:37:10

I am pleased he has not got a nest egg to come out of prison to Well done the police

Pauline S
2021-09-28 14:39:35

Well done Essex Police - hope it teaches other drug dealers a lesson.

2021-10-08 05:05:18

Shame that Nicky and khalifa and the others got all them years, Then to top it Nicky has to pay £81,000, they all should have to pay it between them, so they was dealers and don't you think that they took the rap for the organisation the people who were above them, you've got nonce cases, rapist's burgers who yes who rape old aged pensioners and bash them up, get a life these yes the dealers I will turn a blind eye to, but the rest the nonces who do terrible things to children and the rest that harm this society they can rot in hell, Drugs will always be part of society, they will never be able to stop them, I can't understand why they ain't like Amsterdam, my rants over had my say.

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