Next: relax immigration rules or we could struggle in run-up to Christmas

Business / Wed 29th Sep 2021 at 10:42am

THE fashion and homeware chain Next has warned it may struggle to deliver its normal service in the run-up to Christmas unless the UK government relaxes post-Brexit migration restrictions to allow more workers into the country.

“We anticipate that, without some relaxation of immigration rules, we are likely to experience some degradation in our service in the run-up to Christmas,” the retailer said as it announced soaring sales in its half-year results statement.

Next added that some areas of the business had come under pressure from staff shortages, particularly in logistics and warehousing, which may affect its delivery service going into the peak festive season.

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3 Comments for Next: relax immigration rules or we could struggle in run-up to Christmas:

2021-09-29 23:03:10

sick of hearing we are short of staff due to brexit, its been a little over 5 years since the vote why on earth havent companies been preparing for it, you knew it would happen DEAL WITH IT!!

2021-09-30 12:25:33

Mike is exactly right. This is the result of Blair and Brown signing us up to the Treaty Of Lisbon and the country being flooded with Slavs ready to work for a damn sight less than the going rate would be for indigenous people. And greedy companies are as much to blame for employing these people and saving money to generate a higher share dividend payout to shareholders.

2021-10-01 06:33:49

Actually it’s the result of unpreparedness and of course lack of information from numerous government leaders. Brexit was just the tip of the iceberg, England is doomed. Abandon ship. This country has lost everything because narrow minded individuals wanted to oust the foreigners and bring back “Britishness”. Now you’ve got your cake, you can eat it.

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