Harlow Labour slam council decision for Terminus House bosses to sponsor town centre awards

Business / Tue 5th Oct 2021 at 08:12am

MEMBERS of Harlow Labour have expressed their outrage that the company that runs Terminus House is one of sth main sponsors of the Harlow Town Centre Awards.

There are 14 award categories varying from Retailer of the Year, Community & Voluntary Organisation or Project of the Year to Employee of the Year.

A variety of companies across Harlow have agreed to sponsor the awards including Cardidon Property.

However, Labour members have slammed the decision.

Shadow Cabinet member, Tony Durcan said: “This is another example of the local Tories knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

“It’s shameful that they are taking money from this company for town awards.

“The current Tory run council yet again has ignored the poor standards of this company.

“This causes a huge dark shadow over these meaningful awards and I would ask them to reflect and find a more suitable sponsor.

“The shortsightedness of the Tories over this decision will only reenforce the attitude they take anything from anyone without understand the impact and effect. Really poor choice “

A spokesperson for Harlow Council has responded. They said: “The awards will be a celebration of the businesses and people who have worked hard to keep the town centre going in some of the most challenging times our community has faced during the last 18 months.

Sponsorship of the event was open to all businesses. Eleven different businesses and organisations are involved in supporting this year’s awards.

This support helps to reduce the cost of the organising and hosting the awards.

As part of the regeneration and renewal of the town centre, it is important to actively engage with all building, landowners and businesses to ensure that we deliver and do not hit the road block of no communication.

This approach is the best way to deliver on the primary ambition for the town centre to be a hub for the community that everyone can share a renewed sense of pride in.”

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11 Comments for Harlow Labour slam council decision for Terminus House bosses to sponsor town centre awards:

2021-10-05 10:51:36

Good to see Tony once again bashing the Tories without offering any alternative solution. This article is full of potholes, just like our roads. What’s worse is the grammar in most parts...

Tony Durcan
2021-10-05 12:00:44

The solution is in the quote which is to find a more suitable sponsor. Just another example of Tory greed with no social values.

2021-10-06 05:20:21

Typical knee jerk reaction by labour who never actually bothered to visit the building What is the alternative ?Tenants who live in Caridon are PEOPLE who have been let down by labour councils or and need support !! How short sited labour be ashamed ! Instead perhaps work together to address this very complex problem and take time to see how socially responsible the manager (a Harlow resident born and bred) for both properties really is and the work that IS being done !!!!

2021-10-06 06:15:36

Tony, if you honestly believe finding a sponsor is the alternative to finding homes for people and getting them out of the hovel their being forced to live is an alternative then it is you that is perhaps blind. You’re always going on and on about “Tories this and Tories that” but just remember, when you point a finger there are always four pointing back at yourself. Shame you don’t do something better with the position you hold. And no, I’m not a Tory before you ask.

Tony Durcan
2021-10-06 10:04:03

With respect Betsy you may recall the former Labour leader of the council visited to site several times to try and address the terrible living conditions of residents. Senior officers including police visited to site to address the anti social behaviour that was blighting the area. We have first hand experience about this company and this is why we feel they are unfit to be funding a Important award. Local businesses directly suffered due to the anti social behaviour and now the Tories feel it’s ok to take money from the very people who caused it. Terrible decision made by the Tory council and I hope they will reflect and find a more suitable sponsor.

Tony Durcan
2021-10-06 10:13:42

Karla you may want to ask the Tory run council why all the planned council house projects have been cancelled. Why have they chosen not to support supporting living project in the York’s for vulnerable people. Why haven’t they signed the deal to buy occasio house and use the site for key workers and social housing. These are the solution,these were Labour projects. We need to restore ,rejuvenate and regenerate housing in Harlow. Doing nothing is not an option. Very pleased your not a Tory .

2021-10-06 17:25:40

I’m glad to be independent - I don’t follow or join with one specific political party. Join a team and you’re choosing a side. And sides have Oppositions.

Paul Henderson
2021-10-07 15:10:55

Durcan, why don’t you check the facts. The council housing project in Bushey Croft is going ahead on a previous greenfield site( originally allotments, but had long since become a grass park with goalposts). How many Council houses did the Labour administration actually build (not bought on the open market) during their almost 10 years in power?

2021-10-08 05:40:37

I am from Terminus House and the company that manages this place has no shame. I feel things have gotten worse of recent. More people are causing disruptions, taking drugs and littering all over the place. Should have shutdown long time ago imo. The management turning a blind eye to all of this as usual.

2021-10-08 09:30:49

If the new council does finally get to regenerate the Town Centre hopefully this eyesore will be demolished and all these unwelcome residents are packed off back to London. We don’t want these types here!

2021-10-08 14:06:06

Shameful the way people have been treated in this building, ignored by so called landlords only in it for the profit, living conditions and safety nil. Dissapointed Robert that this has been allowed. Since this building has been turned into flats, our crime, and feeling not safe in Harlow has increased.

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