Robert Halfon MP: All university courses ‘should be about work’

News / Wed 6th Oct 2021 at 07:05am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has slammed universities for not preparing students for the world of work, as he backed calls for tuition fee refunds if students did not receive face-to-face teaching.

Speaking at a fringe event hosted by the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) at the Conservative Party conference on 5 October, Robert Halfon, chair of the House of Commons education committee, claimed that universities were “failing to do perhaps the most important thing, which is to provide graduates with proper, graduate-paid jobs”.

“Every single course that a student does, whether it is history or archaeology, or whether it is science, should be about work,” he said.

Halfon suggested that students should spend “part of the week” on every course “doing a job”, adding that history students could work at a museum and English students could spend time at a publishing company.

He also said that it was “unacceptable” for universities not to provide face-to-face tuition this year, and he suggested that students should get refunds if their institution did not deliver. “Given that students are taking out £9,000-plus loans, they should be getting a proper service, and if the universities are not providing that service then they should get their money back,” he said.

As chair of the Commons education committee, Halfon joined Research Professional News in calling on the government to refund student nurses’ tuition fees while they worked in the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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2 Comments for Robert Halfon MP: All university courses ‘should be about work’:

2021-10-06 09:22:57

The trouble is with universities is that they are no longer places of learning but run as profit making businesses. This is why the offer such courses as media studies, film history, performing arts and can you believe it golf course design. These institutions know there will be no jobs for the students when they graduate but they don't care because they are being paid for by these students who will have nothing to show after 3 years only huge debts.

2021-10-06 12:28:29

Media studies etc - arts and culture industry (in 2016) was responsible for £21.2bn in direct turnover and supported 137,250 jobs. Without these sort of courses, there would be a significant drop in GDP. Golf course design - One college, one teacher, in Scotland. Where golf was invented. Makes sense for there to be a course like this in Scotland. "Halfon suggested that students should spend “part of the week” on every course “doing a job”, " Will RH be offering a job to someone who is doing a BA in Politics or MA in Russian and Eastern European politics? Has he offered anyone a graduate-paid job who is doing these subjects in the past?

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