Plans go forward for Staple Tye splash park

General / Mon 11th Oct 2021 at 07:25am

PLANS for a splash park in Staple Tye are set to be discussed this week at a meeting of the Harlow Council Cabinet.

Details of the tender process have been out in front of councillors.

The most advantageous tenders in consideration of price and quality combined, for both options as submitted by Contractor B, is accepted in the sum of £490,580.99 (Option 2) for the delivery of splash park/paddling pool conversion with retained paddling pool element, subject to contract and planning permission being granted.

On 18 February 2020 the final report from the review of the five paddling pools and one splash park in Harlow was presented to the Scrutiny Committee. It was recommended to Cabinet that a pilot scheme at Staple Tye to introduce toilet and changing facilities, along with a splash park facility alongside the paddling pool.

The original set aside sum for the health and safety works to paddling pools and the splash park pilot was £750,000, however the reserve has risen in value due to receipts from Ram Gorse development to £1.5 million. The paddling pool health and safety works were delivered for £333,000 meaning there are enough funds to deliver the splash park, plus cost of toilet and changing block within the reserves.

Cabinet meets on Thursday at 7.30pm at the council offices, Water Gardens,, Harlow.

The full document can be found below.


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4 Comments for Plans go forward for Staple Tye splash park:

2021-10-11 15:59:12

What on earth do we need a splash park for? Come on you Councilors, please use the half a million for the benefit of the residents of Harlow, not lining the pockets of the contractors. Whilst on the subject of utter waste, the resurfacing of the area adjacent to the Market is another example! No doubt I will be called a killjoy, but its just plain daft to waste our Council Tax like this

Susan House
2021-10-12 21:49:47

The paddling pool is very popular. Whole families sit around and picnic there. Children of all ages enjoy it all day long. Why fix it if it isn't broke?

2021-10-13 04:20:37

People complain about everything these days. They complain when the council don’t do anything and they complain when they do. The job is a thankless one that’s for sure. Who cares if they want to use some funding to build an area to reintroduce a little good old fashioned socialising? Lord knows Harlow needs is. And I’m not joking. This town has become a cesspit of antisocial behaviour and it’s only going to get worse. With kids these days bored out off their minds unless there is a smartphone in front of them, the splash pool is a great idea. I had some really good memories of thee places back when I was a kid.

Mr Martin
2022-03-23 15:38:41

Great idea!! if a full time guard is on duty, at least it keeps the kids away from the shopping centre causing unnecessary trouble and rubbish during the school holidays

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