Harlow Council admit spending close to £100,000 on town centre masterplan

News / Sun 17th Oct 2021 at 02:53pm

A MEMBER of the Harlow Alliance Party attended a recent meeting of the Harlow Council Cabinet to ask a number of questions regards the town centre regeneration.

Mr Alan Leverett asked:”Regarding the Town Centre Masterplan can the council for the sake of transparency tell us the cost of the Interim Planning Guidance Report for the Town Centre which was provided by consultants for presentation this evening?

Councillor Michael Hardware (Portfolio Holder for Strategic Growth) responded: “The Council has invested £93,000 to produce a substantial, detailed master plan for the town centre.

It will become an important material consideration in planning terms for projects in the town centre: for applicants when producing proposals, for officers when considering those proposals, and for members when deciding the applications.

“This is the first of its kind and will ensure that we attract the right investment into the town centre in keeping with our regeneration plans.

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1 Comment for Harlow Council admit spending close to £100,000 on town centre masterplan:

2021-10-18 18:18:10

Was the Masterplan clearly put to the electorate in recent elections? Was there a mandate? Emphatically "No" . Is this the Group if Conservatives that rebuked Labour for spending money on a consultation Metro link bus? Was the idea of building another 130000 homes (with probably an increase of 260000 cars, 520000 population) and underground station ever mentioned in the deluge of Tory propaganda waste paper that poured through letterboxes and confused District, County and National issues in the local elections? It might all have been there in microscopic fine print but not like the IMMEDIATE CUT IN COUNCIL TAX, the blue brigade banner headlines that like the immediate improvement in bin collections promised. Let's have a referendum or referenda on these issues first rather than waste time and public money on fat consultants and inadequate,obscure and out of the way consultation exercises. The Planning system is broken look at Katherine's Warehouse fiasco and the tree damage issues to property going back years.

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