Harlow resident Eddie Achunche jailed for four years for electric drill attack that left his neighbour with brain damage

Crime / Fri 22nd Oct 2021 at 05:28pm

A MAN has been sentenced to four years in prison for attacking his neighbour with an electric drill in an argument over late night DIY.

Sentencing took place at Chelmsford Crown Court today (October 22nd).

Officers were called to an address in Church End, Katherines, Harlow at around 1pm on 3 August last year after reports a man had been attacked with an electric drill.

When they arrived officers found a man, 45 year-old Eddie Achunche still with the drill in his hand.

Through their investigations they established Achunche had been confronted by the victim who was unhappy with Achunche had been drilling late the previous night and had been keeping other residents awake.

Witnesses told officers they saw the argument and then saw the aftermath where the victim was lying on the floor with Achunche, of Church End, Harlow, standing over him with the drill in his hand and calling the ambulance service.

The victim, a man in his 30s, sustained serious injuries to his head and face, with the drill bit found to have gone 5cm into his brain.

Church End, Katherines

He had a bleed on the brain and now has significant weakness and physical impairment on his right upper and lower limbs, he has double vision in his left eye and brain damage, resulting in memory and cognitive issues.

Achunche claimed he was acting in self defence and hadn’t meant to hurt anyone.

Following a trial at Chelmsford Crown Court he was found guilty of GBH without intent and not guilty of GBH with intent on Monday 20 September.

He was sentenced today (Friday October 22nd) at Chelmsford Crown Court to four years and six months.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Alana McCreath, from Harlow CID, said:

“This was a brutal attack which has resulted in life-changing injuries to the victim.

“It is unimaginable to use a power drill against another person but Eddie Achunche did just this.

“The victim will have to live with the consequences of Achunche’s actions for the rest of his life.

“Achunche has shown little remorse for his actions and instead tried to convince officers he was just acting in self defence.”

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9 Comments for Harlow resident Eddie Achunche jailed for four years for electric drill attack that left his neighbour with brain damage:

2021-10-22 18:58:28

Harlow Council does absolutely nothing to ensure people upgrading their homes work within the appropriate times set out by their own website. The complaint procedure is a JOKE. Even when the planning commission has written definitive hours that the work can be done there is no way to get the council to enforce it so they should be held accountable too for this horrific act of violence. And allowing planning permission for extensive rebuilds and extensions to properties that will take years to complete without a thought for the community is shocking. BADLY DONE HARLOW COUNCIL

2021-10-22 19:43:56

This is a council building and they allow psychopaths to reside here . I live next door to a dangerous man who has made my life hell. I live in fear everyday in these flats. He’s threatened to kill and rape me and I still have to live in these flats. Disgraceful. These psychos shouldn’t be allowed to live amongst us. My brain chemistry is changed forever now and my mental health will never be the same because they allow dangerous men to live in council flats, amongst decent good people. Absolutely disgraceful!

2021-10-23 05:47:56

4 years should have been 25 years at least !

2021-10-23 10:02:18

4 years, what a joke.

John Smith
2021-10-24 00:11:04

So out in around 2 Years. Victim impacted for life. Seems fair.

2021-10-25 13:25:13

Harlow council are an absolute disgrace and they simply do not care for those within their properties. Like a person mentioned above, my mental health has suffered drastically since moving into these flats due to the dangers inside and outside of them that are neglected by the council. I live in fear daily. MP and Ombudsman don't care either. These flats honestly need knocking down and Harlow council need to do better. Four years for nearly killing someone, also, because let's call it what it is, is disgusting. Essex police should have done better in preventing this in the first place.

2021-11-02 16:06:52

Harlow council need to stop importing scum into our town and the judge who handed out 4 years for this crime should be sacked because of judges like this we have to live with this trash around us how long before people feel their dishing out justice theirselves because we cant trust our police or judges or council will keep us safe

2021-11-03 12:30:02

This is the same man you reported upon on the 18th Oct for assaulting a prison officer. Hopefully he will get an additional custodial sentence for that episode.

O Olon
2022-04-02 00:51:34

Are you serious? Four years for destroying someone's life? THIS IS INSANE! We must make sure that the judge who sentenced Mr. Achunche is removed from his position of judge. He surely doesn't deserve to be a judge with this severely lenient sentence of a lousy 4 years for trying to kill someone and leaving them very disabled. How can he sleep at night?

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