Over the border: Listen to the people of Eastwick and Gilston says MP

General / Wed 27th Oct 2021 at 06:36am

THE MP for Stortford and Hertford, Julie Marson, rose on the floor of the House of Commons, to make the case for residents affected by the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town project.

Julie Marson said: “The Harlow and Gilston Garden Town development is the largest release of green-belt land for our housing for generations.

“The scale of the challenge for magnificent community groups such as the Hunsdon, Eastwick and Gilston neighbourhood plan group to get their voices heard is a David and Goliath challenge.

“Does my right hon. Friend agree that we need to listen to and trust local people, and will he meet me to discuss this project and how it can provide a live case study for the design of future planning reform?

Secretaryy of State for Housing and Communities, Michael Gove said: “My hon. Friend makes a very important point. It is thanks to the work of organisations such as the Hunsdon, Eastwick and Gilston neighbourhood plan group that we involve local communities in making these uniquely sensitive decisions.

“As we consider our plans for the future, one thing we want to do is to make sure that the voice of local people is integrated more effectively into planning decisions.

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8 Comments for Over the border: Listen to the people of Eastwick and Gilston says MP:

Yasmin Gregory
2021-10-27 07:11:37

Here is the link to the Hunsdon, Eastwick & Gilston neighbourhood plan group https://hegnp.org.uk/npg. No mention of Harlow which is particularly affected with the flooding and water pollution and the proposed bridge crossing. Hands up who were hopeful that Michael Gove actually cares about the environment. Here's his voting record on environmental matters: https://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/11858/michael_gove/surrey_heath/divisions?policy=1030

Steven snell
2021-10-27 07:32:21

I live in church Langley village and it's not so bad. We've got a supermarket and it's only a short drive into harlow if we need other shops. Hudson eastwick and Gilston could benefit just like church Langley village has.

2021-10-27 08:48:53

The so called Garden town bit is one big con .... it's more the new hight rise car city of Harlow more like as going by what I have been seeing with my own eyes now they want crossroad from Heatfordshire to feed the new 10,000 homes and to take there cars into Harlow as if we not got enough already.

2021-10-27 10:00:08

The Neighbourhood Plan Group a have written the plan as if they were writing on behalf of the developers not the community or the environment. Has the MP taken the trouble to consult with Stop Harlow North, the Hunsdon local group and groups such as those concerned about the decimation of the wildlife ecology and environmental impacts on the Stort River Valley and flood plains and the negative traffic pollution sewage release and flooding impacts on Harlow town, that'll get all of the damage and no additional housing or benefits. Hggt is at the expense of the River Valley and Harlow. The carbon footprint of the crossings are massive and the neighbourhood plan distinctly looks down on Harlow saying that hggt wants not to be urbane like Harlow. Greenbelt is valuable and hggt greenwashes the development, pretending to be green but falling millions of miles of polluting car journeys short to line the pockets of rich tory funding property developers. As Robert Halfon has said they need to go back to the drawing board.

2021-10-27 10:01:36

Steven Snell you live in Church Langley, HARLOw. There is no Church Langley "village" never has been. If your that embarrassed or snobby to associate it with the town in which it is built then maybe Harlow isn't for you?

Nicholas Taylor
2021-10-27 10:55:54

The number of homes planned for the development North of Harlow is about three times the size of Church Langley and is, as things stand only going to have two roads leading out of it, both onto the A414, one as it enters Fifth Avenue, the other nearer to Stansted Abbots. Whichever way you look at it, this will destroy hundreds of acres of Green Belt, it is neither in Harlow or indeed Essex and is being built specifically to attract more people into Harlow Town Centre and places of employment. As WE all know, this will despite any mitigation attempts, increase the number of cars, buses and lorries coming onto our already overcrowded roads, leading to more noise and pollution. Those living in the Area Plan mentioned will not be greatly affected, certainly not in the way we who live in Harlow will.

2021-10-27 11:11:11

Church Langley is not a"village" by any stretch of the imagination! As a resident of Gilston i feel the destruction this plan will bring to the greenbelt and surrounding areas cannot be mitigated and should not even been an option.

2021-10-28 11:21:44

IMPENDING COUNTRYSIDE CARNAGE. Power Politics and Money win every time unfortunately. People dont count the Government do what they want.Democracy or Dictatorship?

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